Hubert Sauper


Hubert Sauper


Hubert Sauper is an Austrian documentary filmmaker, director, writer, producer, and actor, Academy Award nominated for best Documentary. Sauper has lived in the UK, Italy, and the United States and now lives in France. He studied film directing in universities in Vienna and France. He regularly teaches film classes in Europe, Africa, and the Americas.

Sauper is famed for his political documentary films, shot in cinéma vérité style. He earned worldwide recognition for his films’ expression, content, and aesthetics. His films are usually controversial for their explicit political, social, and poetic expression.

Sauper’s film DARWIN’S NIGHTMARE was nominated for best documentary at the Oscars, and he has been awarded for his work with more than 50 international film prizes, including Venice International Film Festival, Berlinale, The European Academy Award, the French Academy Award, and two-time Sundance wins.

Hubert Sauper’s film Epicentro won the 2020 Grand Jury Award at the Sundance World Documentary Competition. Like Hubert’s previous highly acclaimed films Epicentro deals with the slave trade and its after-effects, (neo)-colonisation, the whims and workings of global powers, propaganda and globalisation – all in a highly engaged and poetic cinematic form. With a keen eye for detail and the absurd, Hubert’s films never fail to inspire and provoke. He poses big questions as he immerses himself in the complexity of the regions he portrays.

Among many other universities, he has taught as a visiting professor/tutor at Harvard, Yale, UCLA, Columbia University, Colorado University, Universidad de Caracas, Universidad de la Havana, FEMIS (French film school), Moscow International Film School, Istanbul University, and Southern Mediterranean Cinema School, EICTV, Havana, Cuba.
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