Camilla Nielsson


Camilla Nielsson


Graduated as a documentary filmmaker from Tisch School of the Arts. Holds a Master in Visual Anthropology from New York University. She has also worked as a media consultant for UNICEF and UNESCO.

Nielsson has directed a trilogy about children's rights, 'Good Morning Afghanistan' (2003), 'Durga' (2004) and 'The Children of Darfur' (2005). 'Mumbai Disconnected' (2009), directed with Frederik Jacobi, was part of the 'Cities on Speed' series about megacities.

Nielsson's documentary feature debut, 'Democrats' (2014), about Zimbabwe’s power struggle for a new constitution, was warmly received by critics. The film won the Best Documentary prize at Nordisk Panorama and top awards at CPH:DOX and Tribeca Film Festival.

Her follow-up documentary feature, 'President' (2021), also about Zimbabwe's transition to democracy, worldpremiered at Sundance where it received the World Cinema Documentary Special Jury Award: Vérité Filmmaking.
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