Vlad Voinescu


Vlad Voinescu

zvuk, producent

The Unbearable Lightness of the Golden Age

The film aims to create an intimate portrait of the typical family during the Communist era. Using 8 mm footage, we follow their daughter from the first months of her life until 1989 when the Romanian Revolution takes place. We start in '69 when Anca, the child, is born. The story follows the little girl's daily life in Communist Romania: her walks as a baby in the park, we see her during holidays in the countryside, while beach camping, on mountain hikes, involved in pioneer activities, at Christmas celebrations and birthday anniversaries etc. A strong focus consists in the rhythmic repetition cast on certain life events. We first see toddlers playing with potties, then the same children impersonate fairy tales’ characters and later, as teenagers, they dance on eighties popcharts, all in the same home.

What I find extremely valuable and significant about this footage is that, on one hand, it is unique in showing private moments captured in Communism and, on the other hand, it is universal in presenting 20 years in a family's life - which everyone around the world can relate to. Just watching a baby growing into a young girl as her parents get older - there's nothing more humane, it is the quintessence of what life is all about.

Between Revolutions

Maria and Zahra, two women from Romania and Iran, become friends during their medical studies in Bucharest. Bound by the same dreams and hopes, they kept each other's secrets. In 1978, before her final year at the university, Zahra went back home to Iran and never came back to finish her studies. The `79 Iranian Revolution kept them apart, but their friendship endured in the letters they were writing to each other. Trapped between the fear for the present, the longing for change and the hope for a diffrent future, they see in each other’s reflection the dreams they once had. Composed entirely of archives, most of them never before seen, this film is a story about female friendship, hope and utopia.
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