Orkhan Agazadeh


Orkhan Agazadeh



The love between Arzu and his bus has a long history and challenging roads ahead.

Forty-two year old IKARUS bus driver Arzu dreams of buying a new bus, being free from his old junker, IKARUS, and giving a good education to his son. But the love between Arzu and IKARUS is too deep. IKARUS is beloved by Arzu’s whole family. The bus is also beloved by the passengers who can’t afford to travel on new buses. For them, IKARUS is the sole exit from their situation. Vegetables, fruits, chicken, sheep and goats crowd the IKARUS. One of passengers takes sheep to the city to sell them at higher prices. Another takes old tires. During the past 30 years, through the Soviet times to independence, this IKARUS has been with them in their joys and sorrows.
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