Christian A. Falch


Christian A. Falch


Nenets vs Gas

The Yamal peninsula, which means “end of the land”, is the territory of the Nenets. It’s a large region in north-western Siberia, well above the Arctic Polar Circle. It’s on this territory that the Nenets, princes of the Tundra breeders of deer, have been spreading out for 5000 years. But for how much longer? For Yamal has become the Russian gas safe. The discovery of massive gas deposits has whetted the appetite of oil corporations such as Novatek, Total, the Chinese National Petroleum Corp. From Yamal start the pipelines that supply Europe with cheap gas. In 2020 Russia will become the World’s largest producer of natural gas, mainly originating from the Yamal peninsula and the Kara sea.
Today, the deer dedicated space is overrun by pipeline networks, railroads and port facilities. These installations obstruct transhumance paths, pollute water and make pastures become scarce. Russian authorities have no compensation planned for the Nenets witnessing their villages turning into cities. Boarding schools are imposed on young Nenets. At Yar-Sale, teenagers dream of a blond and blue eyed husband and hum Korean Music.
In this hostile environment, Nenets are still the only ones inclined to preserve an ancestral way of life. With their flock, Vassily and the First brigade travel each year from North to South of the Siberian peninsula for a long journey of 1 000 km in order to find pastures of white lichen, essential to the survival of the deer.
Is the fight between these two worlds a losing battle?
How do the Nenets get organized to fight? Who support them?
This feature documentary – a polar western and an environmental investigation film - questions our civilization around the contemporary equation: Nenets or gas?

The Ultimate Joker

Jerzy Urban, the master of propaganda and political spin at the peak of the Cold War, is back today on a mission to conquer the Internet, fight the Church, troll the right-wing populists in power, and leave this world on his own terms. A political animal and provocateur extraordinaire at the end of this life has harnessed the power of YouTube and became one of the oldest active online influencers to provoke and shock even more people in even more places. 87 years old Urban is inspiring the liberal youth of his country to question everything the nationalist and conservative powers feed them. Welcome to the world of a former communist government spokesman, the ultimate Polish Joker, and the man who always lands on his feet.
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