Global Pitch

O společnosti

The Global Pitch is an online event created by Sunny Side of the Doc since 2021. The event has been designed for three years now, to highlight documentary projects in line with the strong and committed annual theme. After the first two editions, respectively under the sign of investigative documentary (2021) and female talents (2022), the Global Pitch returns for its third edition and will have as a main theme in 2023: the climate change and its consequences on our societies.

Climate change and the dramatic rise of extreme events are increasing inequalities between and within countries, impacting health, food security, livelihood, migration, water supplies, cultural identities and other related issues. Climate change is not just a scientific or environmental issue, it is also societal and geostrategic.

The Global Pitch will therefore be a unique opportunity for the 12 selected projects to reach +100 key decision-makers through online pitches and one-to-one meetings.

The pitches will give all participants an overview of the market and the needs of participating decision makers, access to qualified and diverse industry professionals, keynotes generating exchanging and networking opportunities.
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