Festival Ciné-Palestine

O společnosti

The Festival Ciné-Palestine (FCP) is a film festival created in 2015, which is held every year in several places in the Paris metropolitan region, and whose mission is to contribute to the promotion of Palestinian cinema.
Since its inception, the Festival Ciné-Palestine has emerged as an unmissable event in the cultural agenda of Paris and its suburbs. By allowing the distribution of works by Palestinian artists and/or evoking Palestine, the festival aims to highlight the quality of Palestinian cinema and its diversity.
Transcending the restrictions imposed by borders, the FCP gives Palestinian artists the opportunity to meet with their audience, and establishes a space for discussions, encounters and debates about Palestinian film.
The Palestinian Film Festival Association in Paris was set up to carry out this project and constitutes the moral structure that coordinates the project in its various aspects, editorial choices, partnership creation and fundraising.
The organizing committee of the festival, composed entirely of volunteers, is structured in thematic working groups in which each member intervenes according to his/her skills and centers of interest.
Thus, collaborative work, training and the rapid delegation of responsibility to new members have always been at the heart of the FCP’s working methods.
It is very important for us that the FCP remain above all a human, collective and supportive undertaking, for its members as well as for the artists and guests who make it possible every year.
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