Legal Gender Cultural Foundation LIZA

O společnosti

Legal Gender Cultural Foundation “Liza” is a non-governmental organization established in 1994 by president of organization I. Galstyan. The goal of the organization is to adequately reflect reality through sociological surveys, arrangement of educational programs, protection of women’s rights, activism of women’s participation in decision making in cultural, social and political issues in our society, and to support women’s creative efforts.Since 2000 organization produced film “From Monologue to Dialogue” (20 min), "Armenian Women and Politics" (15 min), “The Voices” (15 min).Since 2004 Liza Foundation every year organizes International Women’s Film Festival KIN.In 2008 “Liza” Foundation realized project on “Domestic Violence in villages” and produced film "Zone of Silence" (15 min).In 2010 “Liza” Foundation conducted research “Domestic Violence and Divorce” and created film “The Butterfly”.


Legal Gender Cultural Foundation LIZA

Str.Hanrapetutian, 49, apt.10
Yerevan, AM
telefon: +37491215678
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