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72 hours (dir. Anna Savchenko, prod. Isabel de la Serna, Jean-Marie Gigon, BE, BY, FR)
Borderline (dir. Annabel Verbeke, Anna Savchen, Isabella Rinaldi, Vytautas Puidokas, Tiha Klara Gudac, Georg Götmark, prod. Frederik Nicolai, BE, HR, LT, NO)
Diary of a Bride of Christ (dir. Marta Smerechynska, prod. Natalia Libet, UA)
Dida (dir. Nikola Ilić, Corina Schwingruber Ilić, prod. Franziska Sonder, Karin Koch, CH)
Fight (dir. Lilit Movsisyan, prod. Clara Kawczak, AM, FR)
Fragile Memory (dir. Ihor Ivanko, prod. Mariia Ponomarova, UA, SK)
Pure Unknown (dir. Valentina Cicogna, Mattia Colombo, prod. Sebastiano Luca Insinga, IT, SK)
The Ultimate Joker (dir. Krzysztof Dzięciołowski, prod. Agata Jujeczka, PL)
We Have to Survive (dir. and prod. Tomáš Krupa, SK)
Workcenter (dir. Aniela Astrid Gabryel, prod. Agnieszka Dziedzic, PL)

About East Doc Market
The East Doc Market offers filmmakers the opportunity to meet with over 70 international funders, broadcasters, distributors, sales agents and festival representatives. Over the course of two days, filmmakers pitch their projects at 15 minutes long individual meetings to the partners of their choice or the ones who requested specifically to meet the project. Over two days, more than 400 curated individual meetings take place.

Open to: feature-length projects, series and shorts in development, production and post-production stage

Sofia Tocar: tocar@dokweb.net

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