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East Doc Series

Episode 1: The Pilot

1st session: “Episode 1: The Pilot” – Baltic Sea Docs, Riga, Latvia (September 2 & 7 – 8, 2020)

The first session will consist of three days of consultations at Baltic Sea Docs in Riga, Latvia, co-production market and pitching forum for Baltic Region and surrounding countries. The first session will be held online within the programme of Baltic Sea Docs.

Before applying, please, read the Guidelines.

For the first session, up to 5 projects (10 participants, producer and director per team) will be selected from open call for entries for projects from Central and Eastern Europe. The introductory session will provide networking opportunities to meet decision makers (mainly broadcasters), but also consultations and feedback from international experts, producers of successful docu-series etc.

The programme will bring:
○ Individual consultations, lectures and case studies on the aspects of docu-series (producing, financing, budgeting, legal aspects, but also tutoring on how to prepare presentation material and pilot for further networking and markets).
○ It will consist of pre-scheduled individual meetings with decision makers 
○ Selecting criteria: the aim is on the region of Central and Eastern Europe, projects have to be in the development stage and have planned a minimum of three episodes. 
○ Types of projects: creative, author-driven docu-series/miniseries , character-/story-driven series, true-crime etc.
○ Attending decision makers: producers, broadcasters from European television, representatives of funds, digital platforms and VoD.  



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