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Silver Eye Award

The Silver Eye Award has been granted annually since 2009 to the best East and Central European documentary films in three categories: short, mid-length and feature documentary film with approx. 10 films in each category. The final decisions are in the hands international juries of film industry professionals, who are picked up for their experience in documentary filmmaking. In 2016 the Award will again be announced at Jihlava IDFF.

Evaluation by the juries consisting of sales agents, distributors, alternative distribution channels, VoD and festival representatives brings a strategic advantage to all nominated films, gaining them an excellent opportunity to increase their chances of being distributed across various platforms.  The winner in each category receives not only a unique award trophy, but also a prize money of 1500€ and a year-long festival service of the East Silver Caravan worth of additional 1 500 €.

Silver Eye Awards Winners 2016:

Best short documentary: 

Pulse (dir. Robin Petré, Hungary, Belgium, Portugal, 2016)

Best mid-length documentary:
5 October (dir. Martin Kollár, Slovakia, 2016)

Special Mention: 
My Own Private War (dir. Lidija Zelovic, the Netherlands, 2016)

Best feature-length documentary:
Communion (dir. Anna Zamecka, Poland, 2016)

Contact: Zdeněk Blaha,


Silver Eye winners 2015:

Best short documentary:
 Snails (Grzegorz Szczepaniak, Poland, 2015)
Best mid-length documentary: Casa Blanca (Aleksandra Maciuszek, Poland, 2015)
Special Mention: Prison System 4614 (Jan Soldat, Germany, 2015)
Best feature-length documentary: Over the Years (Nikolaus Geyrhalter, Austria, 2015)
Special Mention: Drifter (Gábor Hörcher, Germany, Hungary, 2014)

Miriam Ryndová / Silver Eye Awards:

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