East Silver

East Silver Caravan

East Silver Caravan is a project supporting the festival distribution of Central and Eastern European documentary films. The region offers many talents that often remain unnoticed by international audiences. East Silver Caravan presents a handpicked selection of the most interesting films from the market with high festival potential.

Approximately 15 international documentaries are creating the East Silver Caravan catalogue. The growing network of East Silver partner festivals increases the chances of Caravan films getting screened internationally. The East Silver Caravan travels to more than 400 international film festivals. 

The East Silver Caravan collection not only presents a curated selection of the most compelling films from Central and Eastern European countries but also stands as a reference point for festival programmers. The online video library allows festival programmers full-time access to new documentaries, which they can filter by theme, region, and other interests.

Take a look at the selection of East Silver Caravan titles for 2024

Pavel Bartovsk√Ĺ / Coordinator:

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