Ex Oriente Film


IIKKA VEHKALAHTI, Workshop Lead Tutor
"The first session of Ex Oriente Film 2015 in Rijeka was for me one of the most memorable among so many workshops and seminars. In the second in Jihlava I had the most serious and most fruitful fight with Viktor Kossakovsky (a man I like and respect so much). In both workshops I have felt that Ex Oriente Film is ready to support unconventional film making and for me it has been a fresh wind giving energy and finding new areas and countries in documentary film making. I am very keen to continue as a tutor.“

MIKAEL OPSTRUP, Workshop Lead Tutor
“Ex Oriente Film’s excellent mix of art and market puts it in Top 5. Its innovation and inventiveness puts it in Top 1. East and Central European documentary would not be where it is today without the Ex Oriente Film training programme. P.S. I forgot to mention the beer!”

SELIN MURAT, producer, former participant
"As an emerging European producer, not only did Ex Oriente Film give me a crash course in really extensive and very practical information to understand and navigate the European doc funding scene immediately, but it also introduced me to a huge community of mentors and peers that are all very active in this community as well. The project ALEPH by Iva Radivojevic that we workshopped during Ex Oriente Film grew enormously in creative strength and in partnerships thanks to very giving mentorships, colleagues and a warm and trusting atmosphere. These are the kinds of lessons, conversations, handshakes, connections and friendships that will last a long time and allow us to persevere in this oh so fulfilling but also trying endeavour that is filmmaking. This helped us build a community and community is the only way to make films."

IVA RADIVOJEVIC, director, former participant
“When we first applied to Ex Oriente Film, I didn't know what to expect and my expectations weren't high. What followed, however, was truly brilliant. Each project is given special care while it's dissected and analyzed - all serving to crystallize the director's vision and purpose. The variety of mentors and tutors as well as other participants allows for a highly interesting mix of ideas and points of view. The director, as a result, can align themselves as they see fit. The exchange of these ideas, the inspiring presentations and talks, the one on one meetings as well as group sessions are invaluable - the development of our film grew exponentially. The workshops not only strengthen the film idea itself but also foster director/producer/financier relationships and create lasting friendships. Again, truly brilliant.”

VESELINA DASHINOVA, director, former participant
“I can easily say that Ex Oriente Film was one of the most inspiring workshops that I haveattended. The mentors were very well informed of my project, the lectures were really interesting and extremely relevant to my practice. I also enjoyed greatly meeting all the other film makers with whom I felt free to share my ideas, give feedback and consider carefully their suggestions regarding my film. As a whole, it was really worthwhile and I strongly recommend it to all who need a tiny bit of help with their films in development. I will definitely do it again with my next project.”

ANAMARIA ANTOCI, producer, former participant
“I believe that being a film producer requires knowledge and a wider understanding of the film landscape. As a professional coming from fiction film, the opportunity to attend Ex Oriente Film with my first documentary project helped me to understand and discover the challenges and uniqueness of documentary filmmaking. The Ex Oriente Film workshop has broaden my professional horizon through its tailored guidance.”

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