Ex Oriente Film

Workshop 1 Split

1st Ex Oriente Film session: "Focus and Inspiration“ 
Venue: Split, Croatia 
Date: 26th June - 1st July, 2017 (Split, in cooperation with Hulahop Art and Film Production)

The first session of the workshop deals with inspiration. The focus is on the development of the documentary project, primarily its story potential, as well as researching the potential for documentary co-production and laying the groundwork for project production. The programme is divided between various masterclasses held by visiting experts and practical intensive work on the projects. The first session aims to integrate the participants into a functioning group, establishing a positive atmosphere for creative networking as well as defining the position of each project within the context of the European documentary market.

In the practical part of the programme, participants mainly work on the processing and development of their documentary projects, focusing on the content of the film and its storytelling. Workshop helps participants to analyse and understand the potential of their subject matter, ideas, and plot, in order to find what is universal within them and to expand on and strengthen these very points:

- story of the film and its protagonists
- analysing the strong and weak points of the project and its international dimension
- constructing a basic concept for the strategy of the film’s production and financing
- basic orientation within the system of European funding, grants and broadcasters

Apart from individual meetings, group sessions and film development lectures on storytelling and financing, the first part of the workshop will also offer inspirational sessions by renowned filmmakers as well as film screenings. Since 2013, the first session of Ex Oriente Film workshop is organized in Croatia. Since 2016 the regional partner of the 1st session is Hulahop – a renowned production company based in Zagreb.

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