Ex Oriente Film

Workshop 2 online

2nd Ex Oriente Film session: Production and Story Development
Date: October 19-24, 2020 (online session)

The second workshop will see producers diving into practical sessions to get familiar with legal issues, co-production opportunities and other aspects linked to funding and producing, while directors will be focusing on further development of the narrative and visual aspects of their films. Each team will also start to learn the basic of pitching and marketing, in preparation for the last session.

Programme content of the Producers’ sessions:
- Developing a detailed financing strategy, finding a potential market for the film, collecting key contacts for potential broadcasters and co-producers;
- Preparing professional international budget and financing plan of the project;
- Film budget in relation to a financial plan;
- Co-productions with broadcasters and co-production budget structure between production companies;
- Pre-sale, sales and co-production contracts;
- Starting work on the professionally prepared “film pack”;
- How to develop and run a successful independent film production company (small company management) and how to effectively deal with the international funding system;
- Production tour of Europe - an analysis of the most important markets, festivals, broadcasters;
- Distribution and sales strategies available for creative documentaries;
- Basic legal aspects of international co-production;

Programme content of the Director’s sessions:
- Work on the film treatment and script;
- In-depth analysis of the research material regarding the approach to protagonists and visual style;
- Practical work on the trailer (video treatment)
- Lecture on staging, re-enactments and composition in documentary film
- Inspirational lectures and masterclasses dedicated to visual approach in documentary filmmaking and to documentary scriptwriting and others.

The second session of the Ex Oriente Film 2020 will take place online with kind support of the U.S. Embassy in the Czech Republic and American Film Showcase. Partners of the second session are FAMU and Ji.hlava IDFF.



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