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IDF Industry Sessions

IDF Industry Sessions is a series of online masterclasses, lectures and panel discussions about current topics with film directors, producers, composers, critics and other guests. Join us online on Facebook, where you can ask questions. You can watch the recordings on Facebook or our YouTube channel.

IDF Industry Sessions in 2024:

18. 3. Journey of Magic Mountain from the East Doc Platform to the World
The director duo of the acclaimed documentary Magic Mountain, Mariam Chachia and Nik Voigt discuss the film with IDF Programme director Zdeněk Blaha. How did they find the story? What is its significance to Georgian society and history? They’ll also dive into the film's production, how the East Doc Platform and East Silver Caravan help, how they approach sales and distribution, and more.

10. 4. Healthier Work Environment in the Film Industry - Mission Possible?
Get a unique insight into a survey conducted in 2023 in the Czech Republic and a comparison with the long-term practice of mental health improvement on film sets in the UK. This session will also focus on practical steps and supportive measures to improve the current situation, associated with high work pressure, long shifts and financial insecurity. Speakers in the session are Jana Neustupová, Health & Safety, Mental Health & Wellbeing Advisor, IPA-certified Intimacy Coordinator (Czech Republic) and Leo Anna Thomas, WellBeing Facilitator, Founder & Co-Developer of the role in the UK. The session moderator is Viki Reka Kiss, a film producer and business coach from Hungary. 

10. 5.  Who is Who in Docu Shorts 2024: Distribution, Sales, Festivals

Learn more about the current short documentary film landscape in Central and Eastern Europe. Find out more about who buys docu shorts, where to present your film, which VOD platform to use (if any) and more. Five experts share their experience with distribution, sales, and festivals and reveal other possibilities and opportunities. Get to know them, and hear more about the projects they are looking for and how to best engage with them. The speakers are also among the decision-makers of the Short Pitch at Millenium Docs Against Gravity. 

You will meet: 
Anna Grabo - Acquisition and Sales at Kurzfilm Agentur in Hamburg (Germany)
Joanna Baranowska - Film curator, Film selector, Development Executive at production company Serce (Poland)
Andrew Norton - Head of Festival Distribution at Raina (Finland) 
Anna Szczypińska - Head of Industry and Business Relations Manager at Millennium Docs Against Gravity (Poland)
Rada Šešić - Head of the Documentary Competition at the Sarajevo Film Festival, Programmer of the Documentary Competition at Trieste Film Festival (the Netherlands)

This IDF Industry Session is a part of the Institute of Documentary Film program focused on short documentary films. To find out more click the link below.


IDF Industry Sessions in 2022:
2. 2. Vyhraje ten nejlepší?
23. 2. Who is Who in the Documentary Industry 2022: Meet the Sales Agents
9. 3. Who is Who in the Documentary Industry 2022: Meet the Markets
23. 3. Female Voices in Film Production
6. 4. Who is Who in the Documentary Industry 2022: Meet the Funds 
29. 6. Decolonization of Old Ideological Constructs and Film Industry Practice
13. 7. Who is Who in the Documentary Industry 2022: Meet the Markets #2
10. 8. Protagonists in Fragile Situations - Extended Q&As about I'll Stand by You
17. 8. Benefits and Challenges in Co-productions - A Case Study of The Last Shelter
24. 8. How to Prepare Film Material for Editing - A Case Study of Nelly & Nadine
12. 9. Miriam Cutler Masterclass: The Art of the Musical Narrative in Film
19. 9. Claire Aguilar: Developing and Pitching Your Project to the North American Market
19. 10. Who is Who in Docu Shorts 2022: Meet the Festivals
2. 11. Creative Dialogue: The Visitors
23. 11. Rewriting the Story: A Case Study of Love Is Not an Orange
30. 11. Creative Dialogue: Boylesque

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