Panel discussion: Festivals as Distribution Platforms (May 26)

18. 5. 2021

Author: Veronika Zýková

Join us on May 26 at 6 pm (GMT+1) for a panel discussion with Inka Achté (Raina Film Festival Distribution), Philippa Kowarsky (Cinephil), Jeffrey Fabian Winter (The Film Collaborative) and Katie McCullough (Festival Formula). Moderated by Sean Farnel, a Production, Marketing and Distribution Consultant.

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In the 21st century, film festivals have become an essential, and perhaps primary distribution and exhibition platform for independently produced films. According to some estimates, there are at least 8000 film festivals, of one kind or another, presented around the world each year. For filmmakers and producers seeking to launch their productions on the festival circuit, the choices are overwhelming, and the possibility for exploitation is an increasing concern. What are the roles and responsibilities of film festivals to those that produce their content?

The discussion is part of the IDF Industry Sessions series, organized by the Institute of Documentary Film in Prague. In cooperation with One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival.

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