Ironman has East Silver Caravan Award at Beldocs

15. 9. 2021

Author: IDF

The Institute of Documentary of Film has given Ironman by Kiril Karakash and Svetislav Podleshanov the East Silver Caravan Award. Ironman, which was selected from Beldocs in Progress projects, will receive the festival distribution support for one year, starting after its completion. Through East Silver Caravan it will be submitted to international film festivals for consideration and Institute of Documentary Film will help with the overall festival strategy. 

Zdeněk Blaha, the Programme Director of the Institute of Documentary Film, says: "We would like to support a project that is a unique blend between a touching human story and the wider issue of our planet, the pollution of air and our environment. Through a truly don-quixotesque story of a retired policeman who decides to create a perpetuum mobile and save his polluted city of Skopje we follow a story of passion, dedication and relentless spirit. We would like to give the award to the project Ironman by Kiril Karakash and Svetislav Podleshanov."

Dir. Kiril Karakash, Svetislav Podleshanov
Production company: Opium Film
North Macedonia

Vojo, a retired police officer lives in Skopje, one of the most polluted cities in the world. He finds meaning in his passion and love for innovation, which he directs towards clean energy and ecology. Over the past 15 years, he has successfully implemented eight patented projects, but his passion is reserved for building a perpetual motion machine that will generate clean electricity without the need for an energy source. Will our Don Quixote-like hero succeed in fulfilling his mission – reducing pollution to save Earth from global warming and destruction by man – or will he redeem himself for the damage his obsession has caused to his family?

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