True Story, episode 17: The Good Death

22. 9. 2021

Author: Veronika Zýková

Ivona Remundová talks to director and producer Tomáš Krupa not only about his film The Good Death (East Silver Caravan), which you can still watch after its release two years ago at festivals all over the world and online. The film follows terminally illy Janette, who refuses to wait for death in unbearable pain and opts for physician-assisted suicide. Tomáš also unveils new information about his work on the next film, which explores what global warming means for our way of life on this planet.

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Janette is terminally ill and wants to die in a dignified way but British laws do not allow it. She gets in touch with Dr. Erika in Switzerland, who is willing to help her. Muscular dystrophy, the illness that Janette suffers from, has affected her family for generations. Janette's mother was wheelchair bound for decades, becoming a prisoner in her own body. Janette refuses to wait for death in unbearable pain so she opts for physician-assisted suicide. Before leaving on her last journey from England to Switzerland, she has to explain her intention to her family members and close friends.

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