IDF at IDFA 2021

17. 11. 2021

Author: Veronika Zýková

Find all in our online flyer about the Institute of Documentary Film Delegation at IDFA 2021 and East Silver titles at Docs For Sale, including films that will be screened at IDFA: Intensive Life Unit by Adéla Komrzý, F@ck This Job by Vera Krichevskaya and Museum of the Revolution by Srdjan Keča. East Doc Forum project Death of Death (formerly known as Frankenstein 2.0) by Davis Simanis (listen to our True Story podcast with the director) and East Doc Interactive project Darkening by Ondřej Moravec will be pitched at IDFA Forum 2021.

Download the IDF at IDFA 2021 flyer


Date of Premiere: planned 2022, available for World Premiere / Poland, Czech Republic
Director: Bogna Kowalczyk / Producers: Tomasz Morawski, Katarzyna Kuczyńska
Human Rights, Portrait, Social Issues, LGBTQ

Lula is an 82-year-old drag queen. Despite his awareness of the inevitability of ageing and, eventually, dying, his energy and positivity are palpable. His life journey takes a new turn as he decides to find love one last time.

Date of Premiere: May 14, 2021 / 94’ / Austria
Director: Lukas Ladner / Producers: Arash T. Riahi, Peter Drössler, Sabine Gruber, Daniel Dlouhy
Personal View, Social Issues, Portrait, Health, Society

A life in a wheelchair is no reason for optimistic Eva-Maria to give up her biggest dream: Becoming a mother.

Selected festivals:
Diagonale – Festival of Austrian Film 2021 - Best Young Talented Film
DOK.Fest Munich 2021
Filmfestival Kitzbühel 2021
Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival 2021

Every Single Minute
Date of Premiere: Aug 26, 2021 / Czech Republic, Slovakia
Director: Erika Hníková / Producer: Jiří Konečný
Social Issues, Portrait, Health, Society

The Hanuliaks, a couple from Slovakia, have decided to bring up their son according to Kamevéda, a complex approach to developing the child’s motor abilities and intellect.

Selected festivals:
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2021

F@ck This Job
Date of Premiere: Apr 9, 2021 / 104’ / United Kingdom, Germany
Director: Vera Krichevskaya / Producers: Mike Lerner, Vera Krichevskaya
Human Rights, LGBTQ, Politics, Portrait, Society, Social Issues

Screenings at IDFA:
19 Nov 14:45 - 16:32 DLM: Mary Dresselhuys Zaal
20 Nov 20:30 - 22:34 De Balie Grote Zaal SOLD OUT
23 Nov 17:00 - 19:04 Munt 11
26 Nov 14:45 - 16:32 Munt 9 SOLD OUT

Natasha, newly rich, successful, looking for fame, reputation, and dreams to come true. In 2008 she decides to launch an independent TV station - Dozhd TV in Putin’s Russia. We follow her 13-years journey.

Selected festivals:
37th Warsaw International film Festival 2021 - Audience Award 
DOC NYC 2021 
IDFA: International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2021

Intensive Life Unit
Date of Premiere: Aug 25, 2021 / 72’ / Czech Republic
Director: Adéla Komrzý / Producer: Pavla Janoušková Kubečková
Social Issues, Society, Health

Screenings at IDFA:
21 Nov 16:00 - 17:33 Munt 13
23 Nov 11:30 - 13:03 Munt 11
26 Nov 21:00 - 22:33 Ketelhuis Zaal 2 SOLD OUT
28 Nov 13:30 - 14:46 Tuschinski 2

An observational documentary exploring the capability of doctors and patients to learn and to communicate the simple, yet long forgotten truth: death.

Selected festivals
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2021
Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival 2021

Date of Premiere: Oct 27, 2021 / Slovakia
Director: Barbora Sliepková / Producer: Barbara Janišová Feglová
Society, Social Issues, Politics, Arts and Culture, Creative, Personal View

Lines is a visual essay, a tangle of stories and observations set in the exemplary post-socialist city of Bratislava; a place experiencing dynamic transformation.

Selected festivals:
Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival 2021 - Opus Bonum - Best World Documentary Film 2021, Best Debut, Best Sound Design
International Documentary Film Festival One World Slovakia 2021

Museum of the Revolution
Date of Premiere: Nov 23, 2021 / Serbia, Croatia, Czech Republic
Director: Srđan Keča / Producers: Vanja Jambrović, Srđan Keča
Society, Social Issues, Longitudinal, Creative

Screenings at IDFA:
20 Nov 12:30 - 14:02 Tuschinski 3 // Passholders (upon registration) Industry
23 Nov 20:30 - 22:21 Munt 3
25 Nov 13:45 - 15:36 Munt 12
26 Nov 18:30 - 20:21 Munt 10
28 Nov 11:00 - 12:34 Tuschinski 6

Fable about a little girl, an old lady, and an abandoned utopian project set for demolition.

Selected festivals:
IDFA 2021 - World Premiere

My Mother the State
Date of Premiere: planned 2022, available for World Premiere / 74’ / Latvia, Iceland
Director: Ieva Ozolina / Producer: Madara Melberga
Creative, Personal View, Portrait, Social Issues

A moving story about the search for belonging and family lost in adoption.

Date of Premiere: Jul 21, 2021 / 116’ / Russia
Director: Vadim Kostrov / Producer: Gleb Piryatinskiy
Drama doc, Arts and Culture, Creative, Portrait, Personal View, Youth Documentary

Selected festivals:
FIDMarseille 2021
Black Canvas 2021 - Best Film of Beyond Canvas Competition
Mar Del Plata

Plai. A Mountain Path
Date of Premiere: planned 2022, available for World Premiere / 75’ / Ukraine 
Director: Eva Dzhyshyashvili / Producers:Oksana Ivanyuk
Anthropology, Creative, Culture, Docu drama, Portrait, Society

The life of Hannusia and Dmytro, who have been married for over thirty years in a remote village hidden in the midst of the Carpathian Mountains, has changed since Dmytro lost his leg in the recent war in East Ukraine.

Tales of a Toy Horse
Date of Premiere: Feb 5, 2021, available for International premiere / 75’ / Ukraine, Estonia
Directors: Denis Strashny, Ulyana Osovska / Producers: Denis Strashny, Ulyana Osovska, Ülo Pikkov
Creative, Arts and Culture, Philosophy, Human Rights, Current Affairs, Environmental

An old monk, who keeps his monastic vow to find something good in every day, since 2014, takes multiple trips to deliver humanitarian aid to Donbas, where his vow is challenged by the war-torn reality.

Selected festivals:
DocPoint Tallinn 2021 
Docudays UA 2021 
Kyiv International Film Festival - Molodist 2021

Greta Stocklassa

Ex Oriente Film / East Doc Platform Alumna


Siniša Juričić
Nukleus Film (HR)

Volia Chajkouskaya 
The Wife Of
Allfilm (EE)

Adéla Komrzý
Intensive Life Unit

Lukáš Kokeš
Museum of the Revolution
nutprodukce (CZ)

Olga Romanova
Paradox Films (UA)

Zdeněk Blaha / Programme Director / blaha@dokweb.net
Anna Kaslová / Ex Oriente Film & East Doc Forum Manager / kaslova@dokweb.net
Veronika Fidrmuc Dvořáčková / East Silver Manager / dvorackova@dokweb.net
Sofia Tocar / East Silver Coordinator / tocar@dokweb.net

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