True Story, episode 32: Vlad Ketkovich

20. 2. 2022

Author: Veronika Zýková

Producer Vlad Ketkovich talks about the current situation in Russia, his successful film Life of Ivanna (dir. Renato Borrayo Serrano), recent project Shaman VS Putin (dir. Beata Bubenec) and much more.

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This documentary is dedicated to the life and journey of Alexander Gabyshev, an uncommon Yakut shaman. He had a revelation from God that the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is a demon and has to be exorcised from the Kremlin to create a new and brighter era in Russia and around the world. For that, the shaman needs to reach Moscow by 2021.

Ivanna is a young Nenets woman and mother of five children, living in the Russian Arctic. She decides to take her life in her own hands, emancipating from an abusive relationship with her husband and abandoning the traditional way of life in the tundra, to emigrate to the city, In search of a better life. With great intimacy and empathy, we portray the struggle of Ivanna and her feelings in this transition.

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