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Belarusian Film Community Against War

2. 3. 2022

Author: Volia Chajkouskaya

Dear Ukrainians, Dear international community, dear fellow filmmakers,

We, Belarusian film community, strongly condemn the Russian military aggression against Ukraine. We are outraged that the Russian aggressor uses our territory for launching deadly missiles to Ukraine. 

Many Belarusian filmmakers were welcomed and supported in Ukraine after the repressions we suffered in 2020. We express our strong solidarity with the brave Ukrainian nation that fearlessly fights for the freedom of their country. As art people we clearly see the difference between the good and the evil. There is no place for evil in real life. 

We demand Russian troops to leave the territory of Ukraine and Belarus. 

We demand to stop the war immediately. 

Slava Ukraini! 

Volia Chajkouskaya, founder of NORTHERN LIGHTS Film Festival, producer, director 
Aliaksei Paluyan, director, screenwriter
Mara Tamkovich, director
Igor Soukmanov, film critic, festival programmer
Andrei Rasinski, film critic, FIPRESCI member
Maria Yahorava, production manager
Julia Shatun, director
Andrei Kutsila, director
Vladimir Kozlov, writer/director
Anton Kaliaha, film critic
Taras Tarnalitsky, journalist, film observer
Nadzeya Ilkevich, producer
Alexander Mihalkovich, film director, producer
Uliana Budik, journalist
Tanya Haurylchyk, cinematographer
Sasha Kulak, director
Uladzislau Rubanau, journalist, film director
Andrei Matalyha, cinematographer
Ekaterina Markavets, director
Olga Nadolskaya, film curator, programmer
Vlada Senkova, film director
Artyom Busel, sound director 
Andrei Kashpersky, film director
Kiryl Yerokhin, film director
Nikita Lavretski, director
Aliaksandr Lesko, actor, VFX artist
Mitry Semenov-Aleinikov, director
Nela Agrenich, director
Darya Amialkovich, film critic, FIPRESCI member
Nikolai Lavreniuk, producer, festival programmer
Ales Lapo, director
Artsiom Lobach, filmmaker
Bart Kuraga, director, editor, vfx artist, animator
Helena Yasinskaya, director, editor
Tanya Hatsura-Yavorska, international documentary human rights film festival WATCH DOCS Belarus
Anna Efremenko, Film critic
Svetlana Sokol, sound mixer, sound designer
Dmitry Natalevich, sound designer
Aliaksei Vainilovich, actor/screenwriter
Maksim Zhbankou, film critic, cultural analyst
Andrey Korolevich, producer
Kaciaryna Stabrouskaja, producer
Viktar Boika, actor, casting director, director
Konstantin Vorobey, producer
Victoria Vorobey, screenwriter
Andrey Polupanov, director
Aliaksandr Matafonau, director, screenwriter
Siarhiej Kanaplianik, cinematographer
Anna Polupanova, actress
Mikalai Skarakhodau, cinematographer
Artem Bogoslavsky, filmmaker
Ruslan Fedotow, director
Anna Savchenko, film director
Kirill Synkov, film director, cinematographer 
Svetlana Sokolovskaya, actress
Darya Zhuk, film director
Angelika Krasheuskaya, art manager
Mikhail Khursevich, cinematographer
Yuliya Ralko, director, cinematographer 
Raisa Rozum, art manager
Irena Katsialovich, film critic, FIPRESCI member
Leonid Kalitenya, film producer
Maksim Shved, film director
Kateryna Tryfanava-Vishneuskaya, director
Dmitry Friga, producer, compositor, sound engineer
Galina Shur, film critic, FIPRESCI member
Andrei Kalesnikau, colorist, Editor
Dzina Korshunava, international film festival "Nefiltravanae kino", manager, program coordinator
Tanya Svirepa, director
Daniil Hayou, cinematographer
Tatiana Loginova, cinematographer
Petr Dainovsky, director 
Nikita Alexandrov, cinematographer
Maksim Karpitski, film critic, FIPRESCI member
Veranika Bandarovich, film director
Anton Sidarenka, film critic, FIPRESCI member
Anastasiya Sergienya, Film Director
Alexey Kuznetsov, Filmmaker 
Hanna Badziaka, Filmmaker, journalist
Alexei Busel, sound designer
Lena Le, film director, producer
Maryna Yakubovich, actress
Yuliya Samailouskikh, booker, festival manager
Aliaksandra Dorskaya, ​​journalist, art manager
Aliaksandr Mishyn, Director of photography
Volha Kavaliova, actress
Yulia Laurankova, debut director
Victor Copytsko, composer
Agatha Mikhailova, film director, colorist
Irina Kodiukova, director, animator 
Irina Prokopets, VFX Producer
Yanina Rashchynskaya, filmmaker
Sasha Stelchenko, director, scriptwriter 
Dzianis Volkov, director
Olga Loginova, director 
Pavel Haradnizky, actor
Yuliya Astrouskaya, director
Yauhen Nadtochey, animator, director
Yelena Trofimenko, film director, screenwriter
Stanislau Turko, film director
Alexey Svirski, film critic
Anastasiya Ionikava, technical specialist of online events (Northern Lights Film Festival)
Anton Mekh, animator, film director
Aliaksandr Hrynko, art director
Valiaryna Kustava, writer, scriptwriter
Yauhen Shapchyts, producer, director
Yuliya Haurylava, director, editor 
Evgeni Rogozin, sound designer
Dmitry Haidukevich, set designer assistant, director 
Olga Prusak, director
Volha Pärn, animation artist, director
Pavel Mozhar, director
Tasha Alova, director
Olga Abramchik, director
Phil Zhukov, cinematographer
Kseniya Halubovich, director
Eva-Katsiaryna Makhava, film director
Zoya Kotovich, film director
Alexandra Butor, director
Andrus Tokindang, director animator
Ivan Kurakevich, director
Dzmitry Makhamet, artist
Egor Kolesnik, screenwriter, journalist
Jury Kalina, director
Igor Kurbanov, colorist
Aliaksandra Dynko, director
Rufina Bazlova, setdesigner, Illustrator
Volya Dzemka, producer, director

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