Projects and films supported by the IDF at IDFA 2022

9. 11. 2022

Author: Veronika Zýková

A number of films and projects supported by the Institute of Documentary Film are part of the program of IDFA 2022. Do not miss them in the program!

Non-Aligned: Scenes from the Labudović Reels
by Mila Turajlić
Serbia, France, Croatia, Montenegro, Qatar 2022 100 min World Premiere
Ex Oriente Film 2016, East Doc Forum 2017

In an unexplored vault in Belgrade, the capital of the former Yugoslavia, lies a collection of films known as “the Labudović Reels.” On them are images of African and Asian liberation movements and revolutionary leaders that defined the era of the 1960s. How is it that the archive of these revolutions lies on another continent, forgotten in a film archive? The answer to this question takes us into the story behind the images, on an intimate voyage with the man who filmed them.

9 Nov 09:50 - 21:57 Tuschinski 1
12 Nov 09:00 - 10:48 Pathé City 2
13 Nov 13:00 - 15:00 Eye: Cinema 1
14 Nov 15:00 - 17:05 De Balie: Filmzaal
18 Nov 09:50 - 18:04 Tuschinski 1
18 Nov 18:00 - 19:48 Tuschinski 6
19 Nov 10:45 - 12:33 Munt 10

Fragile Memory
by Igor Ivanko
Ukraine, Slovakia, 2022, 85 min, Dutch Premiere
Ex Oriente Film 2018 / East Doc Forum 2019 / East Doc Market 2021

Igor Ivanko discovers piles of old negatives at the dacha belonging to his grandfather Leonid Burlaka, a successful cameraman in the heyday of the Soviet studios. Igor, himself a Ukrainian filmmaker, gets this private collection printed and attempts to restore the images digitally. They form a document of the life of Burlaka, who from 1964 to 1999 made 30 features for Odessa Film Studio, a major producer in the glory years of Soviet cinema.

10 Nov 18:00 - 19:45 De Balie: Grote Zaal
11 Nov 21:00 - 22:45 Munt 9
13 Nov 11:00 - 12:45 Rialto VU: Zaal 4
17 Nov 12:00 - 13:45 Tuschinski 2

The Hamlet Syndrome
by Elwira Niewiera, Piotr Rosolowski
Poland, Germany 2022 86 min Dutch Premiere, also featured in the Focus: Playing Reality
East Silver Market 2022 / Silver Eye Award 2022 Nomination

A few months before Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022, film directors Elwira Niewiera and Piotr Rosolowski brought together the Ukrainian theater maker Roza Sarkisian and five young compatriots in an atmospheric theater to create a performance blending Shakespeare’s Hamlet with the performers’ reality.

10 Nov 17:00 - 18:46 Tuschinski 3
11 Nov 15:30 - 17:32 Tuschinski 1 (Followed by an extended conversation with the filmmaker)
12 Nov 18:00 - 23:00 On demand (Only available to watch from within The Netherlands)
13 Nov 11:00 - 12:29 Kleine Komedie
18 Nov 16:15 - 17:44 Munt 10

The Pawnshop
by Łukasz Kowalski
Poland, 2021, 81 min, Dutch Premiere
East Doc Market 2020

Pawnbroker Wiesiek moved out of the center of an unnamed Polish city to a big warehouse in a poor, working-class district, and now no one is buying his wares. Wiesiek, his equally charismatic partner Jola and their staff are doing their best to boost interest, but the fact is sales are very slow. They spend most of their time having discussions, smoking and fighting the cold in the wintry pawnshop.

11 Nov 12:30 - 13:54 Tuschinski 1
12 Nov 16:00 - 17:41 De Balie: Grote Zaal
16 Nov 18:00 - 23:00 On demand (Only available to watch from within The Netherlands)
18 Nov 21:00 - 22:24 Cinema De Vlugt
19 Nov 18:45 - 20:09 DeLaMar: Wim Sonneveld Zaal

The New Greatness Case
by Anna Shishova Bogoliubova
Finland, Norway, Croatia 2022 93 min Dutch Premiere
East Doc Forum 2019

One moment she’s sitting at the kitchen table playing a game with her mother, the next she’s in a courtroom, trembling in a glassed-in box. The life of Russian teenager Anya changed overnight, in March 2018. Along with nine other young people, she was arrested on suspicion of forming an extremist group with plans to overthrow the government.

10 Nov 21:00 - 22:53 De Balie: Grote Zaal
12 Nov 18:00 - 19:53 Ketelhuis: Zaal 1
14 Nov 11:30 - 13:23 Munt 11
17 Nov 15:00 - 16:38 De Balie: Grote Zaal
19 Nov 10:00 - 22:05 ITA: Rabozaal (The must-sees of IDFA 2022 selected by the editors of De Groene Amsterdammer) SOLD OUT

by Grzegorz Paprzycki
Ex Oriente Film 2022

The arrival of December sweeps away the existing order and sends to Europe not only the snow and wind, also strangers. They are called refugees, migrants or even enemies. Winter starts to take control of the streets and hearts of some people, creating conflicts and divisions that lead to tragedies.

If These Streets Could Talk
by Barna Szász
East Doc Interactive 2022

If These Streets Could Talk is a network of site-specific interactive mobile AR/MR documentary experiences that make the invisible Jewish history of European cities visible.

Jacob's Journey
by Joanne Popinska
East Doc Interactive 2022

Jacob Goldstein was a boy when Nazi Germany invaded Poland. In this interactive VR documentary, Jacob shares his remarkable story of surviving the machinery of the Holocaust.

New projects by former East Doc Platform and Ex Oriente Film participants are also part of IDFA Forum:
by Olha Zhurba

Fresh Memories
by Ondřej Moravec, Volodymyr Kolbasa
Czech Republic

by Alisa Kovalenko

Dom ("Home" in Russian)
by Svetlana Rodina, Laurent Stoop

The Ex Oriente Film tutor and co-founder of the Institute of Documentary Film Filip Remunda will present his new project Love Exposed.

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