Selected Projects for 2016 Ex Oriente Film Edition

18. 5. 2016

Author: Kristyna Balaban

The Institute of Documentary Film is proud to present 12 documentary projects and director/ producer teams that have been selected for the 14th edition of the Ex Oriente Film workshop, an international training programme focused on development and funding of creative documentary films. For Ex Oriente Film open call in 2016, IDF received a record number of applications from 52 different countries and 6 continents.

At the War (director: Beata Bubenec, producer: Gennady Kofman)
The Bay (director: Bruno Pavic, producer: Ivan Peric)
God Overestimated Me (director: Youlian Tabakov, producer: Katya Trichkova)
The Good Change (director: Konrad Szolajski, producer: Malgorzata Prociak)
The Labudovic Files (director: Mila Turajlić, producer: Carine Chichkowsky)
No women no revolution (directors: names protected by the request of production, producers: Miha Černec, Anja Vrdlovec) 
People Gods and Other Creatures (director: Svetlana Strelnikowa, producer: Frank Müller)
Smuggler (director: Ivars Zviedris, producer: Marta Bite)
Satanic Girls (director: Bohdan Bláhovec, producer: Pavla Janoušková Kubečková)
The Sound Is Innocent (director: Johana Švarcová, producer: Kristýna Květová)
Testosterone Story (director: Andrea Culkova, producer: Miroslav Novak)
Yours sincerely, Social System (director: Martin Tokár, producer: Ivana Hucíková)

Saz (režie: Stephan Talneau, produkce: Bertrand Glosset, Cay Wesnigk)
Marrying Mohammad (režie: Melanie Aronson, produkce: Margarete Jangård) 

During three week-long workshops and online sessions held over the next nine months, producers and directors selected for 2016 workshop edition will gain assistance and advice from leading filmmakers and experts in the development of subject, narrative and the visual style, as well as production and distribution strategy for their upcoming documentaries. The Ex Oriente Film program will lead into the co-production session East European Forum held in March within the East Doc Platform, where workshop participants will present their projects to European and North American television and independent producers, distributors, buyers and film fund representatives, as well as festivals representatives.

The first Ex Oriente Film 2016 session will be held in cooperation with Hulahop Art & Film Production on June 27 – July 2 in beautiful venue of Zlatna vrata in historical centre of Split.

The list of confirmed tutors for the first session can be found here.

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