Czech Documentaries at Trieste Film Festival

13. 1. 2017

Author: Barbora Holková

From January 20 to 29, the 28th Trieste Film Festival will take place in Italy. Several Czech films made it to its program, including four documentary films made in Czech production or co-production. Two of them were selected to compete for awards.

One of the competitors will be an already very successful documentary by the renowned filmmaker Miroslav Janek - Normal Autistic Film.  Five imaginatively and sensitively compiled stories of the protagonists, among whom there is the piano virtuoso Denis or the rapper Majda, lead the audience towards perceiving autism not as a medical diagnosis, but as a fascinating way of thinking, even though sometimes difficult to decode. The winner of Czech Joy and Student’s Jury Awards from Jihlava IDFF, which had its international premiere at DOK Leipzig, will be represented in Trieste by producer Jan Macola from Mimesis Film.  

The second representative that will appear in the competition section is a documentary A Hole in the Head, shot in Slovak and Czech co-production, pointing out the less well-known circumstances of the Roma Holocaust. The staged and stylized passages confront the forgetting present-day society with the memories of the last survivors and witnesses of these tragic events. The film will be introduced by its director and producer Robert Kirchhoff.

The Arts and Sounds section will screen the documentary by Helena Třeštíková Doomed Beauty about the fate of the renowned Czech actress Lída Baarová, as well as the Czech-German co-productional debut by Gilad Baram Koudelka Shooting Holy Land. This film, which had entered Czech cinemas at the beginning of the year, took 5 years to make and brings and unique testimony about the creative process of the world-renowned photographer Josef Koudelka during his work in Israel.

At the seventh edition of the co-productional forum When East Meets West, held within the Trieste festival, producer Viktória Hozzová from Pink Productions will present an upcoming documentary by Radovan Síbrt - Lust for Life. The documentary unveils the ups and downs of working with and being in The Tap Tap - a unique music band consisting of students with physical disabilities, which had become so famous that it sells out big concert halls, travels around the world and show the possibilities to fight fate.
We have our fingers crossed for all these filmmakers to win the hearts of the audience and juries in Trieste.

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