Czech Docs Competition at One World IHRDFF in Prague

21. 2. 2017

Author: Anna Kaslová

Czech Competition at One World - International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Prague (6.-15.3. 2017). For the first time, the 12 Czech documentaries focused mainly on Czech themes and seeking answers to serious questions about issues like childcare or national security will compete at the One World IHRDFF. Why is vaccination compulsory in Czech Republic? How difficult is growing up at the times of cyberspace?  What are the security concerns of people of Czech Republic? What difficult desisions might await Czech surrogate mothers?  Find out the answer to these questions in the following documentary line up.

Czech Allah (dir. Z. Piussi, CZ, 2017)
Epidemic of Freedom (T. Reichová, H. Reich Štětka, CZ, 2017)
My Name Is Hungry Buffalo (dir. Pavel Jurda, CZ, 2016)
A Hole in the Head (dir. R.Kirchhoff, SK/CZ, 2016)
Arms Ready (dir. B.Chalupová, CZ, 2016)
Don’t Take My Life (dir. A. Culková, CZ, 2016)
Children Online (dir. K. Hager, CZ, 2017)
I Won’t Sell My Soul (dir. E.Tomanová, CZ, 2016)
Ida's Idea (dir. T. Kudrna, CZ, 2016)
Love Me If You Can (dir. D. Smržová, CZ, 2016)
Normal Autistic Film (dir. M. Janek, CZ, 2016)
Teaching War (dir. A. Komrzý, CZ, 2016)

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