East Silver Caravan travelled to Docudays UA

28. 3. 2017

Author: Marta Obršálová

The 14th Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival which was held on March 24-31, 2017 in Kyiv picked four documentaries from the East Silver Caravan selection. The industry programme offered a wide range of interesting lectures and presentations. Institute of Documentary Film was be represented by Miriam Ryndová. During her speech she provided an analysis of the most important film funds and broadcasters, and summed up where to seek opportunities for East European production - pre-sales, sales and co-production contracts.

Pulse by Robin Petré looks at human-animal relations and the imperialist way we deal with nature. This creative documentary plays on the line between reality and dreamy, sensorial experience while interweaving present day footage with archive photographs from the beginning of deer Hungarian farming in the 1980s.

Nikola Ilić, the director of the film Rakijada offers us an insight into a small village in central Serbia – Pranjani. Locals earn their living abroad or as farmers. Many count themselves among the Chetniks, Serbian patriots. So far, so normal. But every May, the Rakijada takes place - a competition that is all about who can drink the most, balance on wooden poles and brew the best Rakija, plum brandy. The red thread of the competition allows the examination of the Serbian soul from a new point of view, while never losing sight of the typical humour of the Balkans.

The film by Alexander Kvatashidze See you in Chechnya goes back to September 1999. For Alex, as for the rest of Georgians, war in Chechnya seemed to be far away, seen only on the screens of Russian media. In fact it was just behind the Caucasus Mountains. He'd never imagine going there, but he did. He followed her, the French photographer he had met just a few days before at the fashion show. Alex discovers the world of War Reporters and wants to become one of them, but he doesn't succeed. He keeps in connected to war through his friend, practising war reporters and observes what war does to them for 15 years.

The fourth selected film was 5 October by Martin Kollár. A quiet story about a man waiting for an important surgery. After he learns he's facing the possibility of only having a few months to live, he embarks on a vagrant journey with only a “deadline” – 5 October. From the notes in his diary and his daily search for a place to spend the night, we discover what he is running away from: fear, discomfort, testing weather conditions, and his deteriorating health. Reality, however, keeps reminding him of what lies ahead – a surgery with possibly fatal consequences. After the screening, there was a discussion with Miriam Ryndová.

The Slovak film 5 October received the STUDENTS’ JURY AWARD and special mention in the category DOCU/SHORT won Rakijada for a charming view into a brutal society.

East Silver Caravan is a project supporting the festival distribution of Central and Eastern European documentary films. At this moment, the selection contains twenty titles that are submitted to international film festivals for consideration during the whole year in an effort to make them more visible.

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