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9. 6. 2017

Author: Mark Pickering, Anna Kaslová


Here is our selection of new exciting Czech projects coming to you soon…

In production

WHEN THE WAR COMES (Czech Republic / Croatia, 2018)
Who’s directing? Jan Gebert
What’s it about? In Slovakia a paramilitary group is recruiting hundreds of teenage members. The group’s goal is simple - to create a model society and to prepare for the final clash of civilizations.
Who is the producer? Radovan Síbrt – PINK (CZ)
Who’s the co-producer? Tereza Polachová – HBO Europe, Dana Budisavljević – Hulahop Film & Art Production (HR)
When will it be finished? Autumn 2017

THE SOUND IS INNOCENT (Czech Republic / France / Slovakia, 2018)
Who’s directing? Johana Švarcová
What’s it about? Poetic documentary guidebook which explores the relation between the human and the machine against the background of the fascinating evolution of electronic music in Europe since 1950.
Who is the producer? Kristýna Květová – Cinemotif Films (CZ)
Who’s the co-producer? Jean-Laurent Csinidis – Films de Force Majeure (FR), Katarína Tomková – Punkchart Films (SK)
When will it be finished? 2018

HEAVEN (Czech Republic, 2017/2018)
Who’s directing? Tomas Etzler
What’s it about? The Czech Emmy award-winning director gives us an intimate insight into the humanitarian workings of a poverty-stricken Chinese orphanage where volunteer nuns administer help to mentally and physically disabled children. 
Who is the producer? Jan Macola – Mimesis Film (CZ)
When will it be finished? 2017/2018

PEPIK THE CZECH GOES TO POLAND IN A QUEST FOR LOVE OF GOD (Czech Republic / Poland / Slovakia, 2018)
Who’s directing? Vít Klusák & Filip Remunda
What’s it about? A Czech camera crew embark on a summer pilgrimage across Poland in order to explore the great religious division that separates the two central European neighbors – Czech atheism vs Polish Catholic piety.
Who is the producer? Jana Brožková and Zdenek Holý – Vernes (CZ)
Who’s the co-producer? Joanna Plesnar & Maria Krauss – Plesnar & Krauss Films (PL), Peter Kerekes – Peter Kerekes (SK), Filip Remunda & Vít Klusák – Hypermarket Film (CZ), Alena Müllerová – Czech Television (CZ), Krakow Festival Office (PL)
When will it be finished? 2018

FUGUE (Czech Republic / Argentina / Austria / France, 2018)
Who’s directing? Artemio Benki
What’s it about? A promising Argentinian piano virtuoso and composer who spend last four years at psychiatric hospital El Borda in Buenos Aires is trying to come back to life outside the walls of asylum as well as on concert stages.
Who is the producer? Artemio Benki and Petra Oplatkova – Artcam (CZ)
Who’s the co-producer? Arash T. Riahi – Golden Girls Filmproduktion & Filmservices GmbH (DE), Rebecca Houzel – Petit à Petit Production (FR), Sergio L. Pra – Lomo Cine (AR)
When will it be finished? 2018

CIRCUS RWANDA (Czech Republic / Slovakia, 2018)
Who’s directing? Michal Varga
What’s it about? What happens when Africa meets Europe on the stage of contemporary circus?
Who is the producer? Marek Novák – Xova Film (CZ)
Who’s the co-producer? Jakub Viktorín – nutprodukcia (SK), Alena Müllerová – Czech Television (CZ), Radio and Television of Slovakia (RTVS)
When will it be finished? April 2017

In post-production

BATA – THE FIRST GLOBAL ENTREPENEUR OF THE WORLD (Czech Republic / Slovakia / France, 2018)
Who’s directing? Peter Kerekes
What’s it about? The first feature length documentary about Czechoslovakia’s legendary shoe-making tycoon who established Bata shoe company in 1894 and went on to expand his high quality and innovative products throughout the world.
Who is the producer? Kateřina Černá – Negativ (CZ)
Who’s the co-producer? Alena Müllerová – Czech Television (CZ), Madeleine Avramoussis – Arte France (FR), Cedric Bonin – Seppia (FR), Peter Kerekes - Peter Kerekes ( (SK)
When will it be finished? 2018

MEČIAR (Slovakia / Czech Republic, 2017)
Who’s directing? Tereza Nvotová
What’s it about? Former Slovakian Prime Minister, Vladimir Mečiar, who came to power in post-Velvet Revolution Slovakia. Charismatic, influenced and “loved by the nation”, the politician’s rule was steeped in autocracy, misuse of power and huge scandal.
Who is the producer? Zuzana Mistríková and Ľubica Orechovská – PubRes (SK)
Who’s the co-producer? Pavel Strnad and Kateřina Černá – Negativ (CZ), Tereza Polachová – HBO Europe
When will it be finished? October 2017

NOTHING LIKE BEFORE (Czech Republic, 2017)
Who’s directing? Lukáš Kokeš and Klára Tasovská
What’s it about? Nothing Like Before is a documentary stylized view into the life of teenagers living on Czech-German border.
Who is the producer? Pavla Janoušková Kubečková and Tomáš Hrubý – nutprodukce (CZ)
Who’s the co-producer? Tereza Polachová – HBO Europe
When will it be finished? October 2017

PEOPLE FROM NOWHERE (Latvia / Estonia / Czech Republic / Germany, 2018)
Who’s directing? Jaak Kilmi & Gints Grūbe
What’s it about? The life of Ieva Lesinska, the daughter of a KGB member who was stationed in New York. When her father chose to defect, he gave her a choice: denounce his treachery to the Soviet Embassy or remain with him and never see her mother or Latvia again. She chose to stay.
Who is the producer? Antra Gaile – Mistrus Media (LV)
Who’s the co-producer? Jaak Kilmi – Pimik (EE), Jōrg Bundschuh – Kick Film (DE), Julietta Sichel – 8Heads Productions (CZ), Markéta Štinglová – Czech Television (CZ)
When will it be finished? January 2018

All of the projects have been supported by the State Cinematography Fund Czech Republic

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