East Doc Platform 2019 to highlight "Eastern Logic"

25. 2. 2019

Author: Zdeněk Blaha

The 8th edition of East Doc Platform (EDP) will focus on "Eastern Logic". Watch the trailer and see the poster by Zdeněk Durdil below. The biggest industry event for Central and East European documentaries starts March 9, 2019. See the complete open programme of the East Doc Platform 2019.

This year’s theme, Eastern Logic, refers to the unique identity shared by the countries of the former Eastern Bloc. “Eastern logic” aptly describes thinking that manifests itself in documentary films from this region, not only from a technical aspect, but also thematically. Compared to Western productions, Eastern documentaries are a certain phenomenon, and are set apart by their difference, oddness, and openness. Often technically imperfect, they nevertheless have their own style, and though this differs from country to country, a certain “Eastern” perspective dominates. Eastern Logic is about the search for an identity for a region that over the past thirty years has tried to adapt to newly imposed conditions instead of finding its own identity. Eastern Logic is therefore mainly also about us, about our perspective and acceptance of who we are.

“As always, the graphics are by Zdeněk Durdil, who dusted off several attributes so characteristic of our region, not only the birches, obvious at first glance, but also the theme of DIY, the phenomenon of domestic tinkering, and the notion that ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’, which is often the shortest route to disaster, but simultaneously to a certain extent also a breeding ground for very creative activity,” adds East Doc Platform head Zdeněk Blaha.

Be sure to check the news in the facebook event and follow the news about EDP projecst and guests on Instagram and Twitter.

Download EDP 2019 poster by Zdeněk Durdil here.


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