East Doc Shorts Pitch 2019 – projects and experts

22. 2. 2019

Author: Veronika Zýková

Five upcoming short documentaries up to 30 minutes in the late production/post-production stage will pitch in front of decision makers, festival and sales representatives and other film professionals. The East Doc Shorts Pitch, moderated by Laurence Boyce, will take place on March 13 in Cervantes Institute at 10 am and is open to public.

Selected projects
Chase (dir. Michaela Režová, prod. Michaela Režová, CZ)
Animated documentary Chase (Štvanice) brings back memories of the glory of Czechoslovak ice-hockey, players' achievements, but also dark moments like imprisonment of players in 1950. It follows personal stories as well as transformations in society, politics and culture on the background of hockey. The sport which is linked with the fate of Czechs and Slovaks like no other.

The Tragic Ones (dir. Jan Stapor, prod. Agata Walkosz / AGAWA Films, PL)
The Tragic Ones is intended as an unconventional documentary film that depicts a group of young people, who share values that originated from the fixed-gear bikes culture. The story concentrates on two members of the collective called Tragedia (The Tragedy) - Wojtas and Kris. Their relationship revolves around the bicycle, which had become a symbol of their extraordinary friendship and inspired us to show it as the universal element with power to unite people.

All These Walls (dir. Agnese Kušnere, prod. Agnese Kušnere, DE, LV, EE, LT)
A fence crosses a landscape, a man with a machine gun in camouflage clothes guards it. The documentary "All These Walls“ moves along the Baltic border with Russia. The surrounding landscapes are under permanent surveillance. A storm is prophesied by the voice that accompanies the film like a storyteller. She speaks of weather changes, of an approaching wind. All protagonists seem to be waiting for something. 

Pripyat Piano (dir. Eliška Cílková, prod. Jindřich Andrš / Gamma Pictures s.r.o., CZ)
After Chernobyl tragedy, fifty thousand people were forced to leave their hometown Pripyat. Due to radiation which is still present – they were not allowed come back and Pripyat is now a city of ghosts. Pripyat Piano is a short film poem, discovering unknown layer of this fascinating abandoned place – it`s soundscape. 

Listen to the Dove Singing (dir. Nevena Desivojevic, prod. Ivan Milosavljevic / Black Rooster Studio, RS)
In a small village behind mountains and waterfalls, green fields and deep woods, someone is stealing goods from inhabitants. Eggs, hens, a hoe, an electric chain saw, porcelain plates and gas can have disappeared so far. All the villagers are certain about who is the thief, but due to no proof, the case remains unpunished. Also nobody dears to report it, everyone prefers to avoid the subject since it is not an easy thing to solve. 

Tutors & Experts

Ingrid Beerbaum

Occupation: Festival Representative
Country: Germany
Company: International Short Film Festival interfilm
Ingrid Beerbaum worked after her graduation from university in different fields of cultural journalism for radio, TV and newspapers in Berlin. Specialised in cinema, she now mostly works as a film critic for several online magazines. Her special focus are documentaries and Eastern European cinema, in general. She also is a regular visitor of festivals in the region like the Berlinale or Cottbus International Film Festival and served in many juries, such as at “Molodist” festival, Kiev or “goEast” in Wiesbaden. Above that, since 2011, she works as the programmer of the (juried) Documentary Competition of “interfilm - International Short Film Festival” in Berlin.

Laurence Boyce
Occupation: Festival Representative, Journalist
Country: United Kingdom
Company: PÖFF - Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF Shorts)
Laurence Boyce is a freelance journalist, as well working as a cinema/festival programmer and in film PR. Worked for the Leeds International Film Festival for many as a programmer (including the short films and UK section) and moderator. Laurence moved on to be the director of GLIMMER: The Hull International Short Film Festival. He currently works at the Black Nights Film Festival in Tallinn as a programmer and moderator. Read more.

Patrizia Mancini
International Development Officer
Country: France
Company: Sunny Side of the Doc
Patrizia Mancini joined the team of SUNNY SIDE OF THE DOC in 2017 as International Development Officer taking care of the international producers, distributors, decision makers and partners attending the market.


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