East Silver at DOK.fest München 2019

14. 5. 2019

Author: Veronika Zýková

The 34th DOK.fest München (May 8-19) has several East Silver titles in the programme, including Home Games (dir. Alisa Kovalenko), How Big Is the Galaxy (dir. Ksenia Elyan) and My Unknown Soldier (dir. Anna Kryvenko). Among the films nominated for ARRI AMIRA Award is The Sound Is Innocent (dir. Johana Ožvold), which was part of Ex Oriente Film 2016.

How Big Is the Galaxy (dir. Ksenia Elyan, RU, EE, 2018)
The East Silver Caravan film had a world premiere at IDFA, was awarded at Moscow DOKer and antropological film festival Varesh, also had screenings at Millenium in Brussels and goEast in Wiesbaden.
Before us, the endless vastness of the tundra. Reindeer in the twilight. A hard cut and we find ourselves in the narrow camp of the Zharkovs. The seven-year-old Zakhar connects these two extremes with his curious questions. Faraway Siberia seems amazingly close.

Home Games (dir. Alisa Kovalenko, UA, FR, PL, 2018)
Alisa Kovalenko's film was screened at One World IHRDFF, Sheffield Doc/fest and FIPADOC among other international festivals. This East Silver Caravan also receveid a nomination for the Silver Eye Award 2018.
Alina is on the verge of playing for the Ukrainian national team. Then her mother dies and she is left alone with two small siblings. Will her dream of playing professional football withstand this new challenge?

My Unknown Soldier (dir. Anna Kryvenko, CZ, LV, SK, 2018)
Another East Silver Caravan title, My Unknown Soldier, has a busy month with festival screenings at Beldocs, CRONOGRAF and Millenium Docs Against Gravity.
This essay-like collage blends private and public historiography: the family album of the director Anna Kryvenko, from which her great uncle, a Soviet soldier, was removed, alongside archive material, including USSR propaganda.

Bruce Lee and the Outlaw (dir. Joost Vandebrug, GB, NL, CZ, 2018)
The film was nominated for Silver Eye 2018 and has the German premiere at the festival.
Nicu, a young homeless kid, lives in the tunnels under Bucharest with the criminal known as Bruce Lee, the king of the underworld. The home that Bruce offers is supposedly safe, but when Nicu becomes seriously ill, everything suddenly changes and the youngster gets a chance at a different life.

My Granny from Mars (dir. Alexander Mihalkovich, BY, UA, EE, 2018)
The film was banned by Belarus authorities at Listapad Film Festival in Minsk and at DOK.fest München will have the German premiere.
Sascha’s grandmother, Zina, a Ukrainian was married to a Belorussian. After the collapse of the Soviet Union she lived in Ukraine. As a widow and a pensioner, she moved to the Crimea. But, after the Russian occupation, a visit to Grandma in the Crimea was almost as impossible for the family as a trip to Mars.

White Mama (dir. Evgenia Ostanina, Zosya Rodkevich, RU, 2018)
Alina Makarova is a mother of six children. Her ex husband is from Ethiopia, this is why all her own children are of mixed origin. Now she wants to adopt the white boy, which has serious health problems and psychologically unstable. Alina's older children realize what complications the adoption might bring. But she convinces them that it's the right thing. The boy comes from the orphanage and turns their life into hell.

East Silver, a documentary market specialized in Eastern and Central European documentary film, is open for submissions! Submit your film to the largest internationally recognized database of creative feature and television documentary films from Central and Eastern Europe. The market takes place during 23rd Ji.hlava InternationalDocumentary Film Festival (October 24–29, 2019). Submission deadline for films produced in 2019 is May 31, 2019.

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