New titles in East Silver Caravan

13. 12. 2019

Author: Veronika Zýková

Three feature and three short films are newly part of East Silver Caravan. Find all about them:

Telenovela: Grey-Scale in Color | dir. Filip Martinović | Serbia, Spain | 2019 | 61´
It has been 26 years since Filip’s (30) family has emigrated from Serbia to Spain. Filip’s father passed away when Filip was 12 and was buried in Barcelona. Today Filip lives in Belgrade and is trying to find an answer to a simple question: Where is he from?
Nominated for Silver Eye Award for the best feature film

When the Persimmons Grew | dir. Hilal Baydarov | Austria, Azerbaijan | 2019 | 118´
Mother and son meet after 7 years in rural Azerbaijan. ​Immobile in a home where the sands of time fall to the rhythm of rural Azerbaijani sounds, a mother waits for her son.
Nominated for Silver Eye Award for the best feature film

#sandrainuganda | dir. Filip Remunda | Czech Republic | 2019 | 70´
A Czech NGO invited Sandra Kisić, a twenty-six-year old influencer of Bosnian origin, to come to Uganda. She was accompanied by a Dutch volunteer who already was on her umpteenth mission. Sandra, on the other hand, saw poverty and technological backwardness for the first time in reality, not just on her cell phone that she practically did not put down.

Boundaries | dir. Yulia Shatun | Belarus | 2019 | 30´
A journey film through four cities, the present and the past. Minsk, Moscow and the cities of childhood shot by the director and her father 25 years ago are merged into one voice message to an unknown person.
Nominated for Silver Eye Award for the best short film

Currents | dir. Katerina Duda | Croatia | 2019 | 16´
Plants such as Dracaena, Ficus, and Philodendron were integral parts of the socialist modernist architecture in the seventies and eighties. Today, they remain strong visual reminders of the socialist state.
Nominated for Silver Eye Award for the best short film

Pripyat Piano | dir. Eliška Cílková | Czech Republic | 2019 | 18´
What would we be able to see if we could hear better? The story of a tragedy told by sounds, music and lyrics featuringbandoned pianos standing in the Chernobyl Zone.
The winner of Silver Eye Award for the best short film

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