East Silver Caravan at festivals

28. 6. 2020

Author: Veronika Zýková

Several East Silver Caravan films will be part of the upcoming festivals all over the world, mostly happening online. 

The Good Death (dir. Tomáš Krupa, 2018, CZ, SK, AT, FR) is nominated for the Best Feature Film at British Independent Film Festival. The film was part of Liberation Docfest Bangladesh and will be screened out of competition at AFO (Academia Film Olomouc) in September.

Janette is terminally ill and she would like to die a dignified death, however, this is not possible in her home in the United Kingdom. Determined to see her decision through, Janette opts for physician-assisted suicide. She gets in touch with Dr. Erika in Switzerland, who is willing to help her. Janette must plan her final departure from the UK before her illness prevents her from doing so. 

Boundaries (dir. Yuliya Shatun, BY, 2019) was part of Liberation Docfest Bangladesh in June.

A journey film through four cities, the present and the past. Minsk, Moscow and the cities of childhood shot by the director and her father 25 years ago are merged into one voice message to an unknown person.

Waiting for a Miracle (dir. Aljona Shurzikova, EE, 2018), a short film, which got Special Mention of the Silver Eye Award 2019, was selected for the International Short Film Festival Manuel Trujillo Durán in Venezuela.
A woman’s biggest joy is giving the gift of life to a new human being. The biggest pain – the loss of a child – helps to see the beauty in life. A film about life and how miraculous it is that we are alive.

How Big is the Galaxy? (dir. Ksenia Elyan, ES, RU, 2018) will be part of Ojo de Pesacod film festival in Chile (August 29 - September 6).

Zakhar lives among the vast Arctic spaces of Siberia, 100 miles away from human dwellings. He is 7, but he has his own reindeer and tundra for pasture. One day his nomad family is joined by a teacher, sent by the authorities to explain to the kids why why they need math and Putin. 

Kiruna - A Brand New World (dir. Greta Stocklassa, CZ, 2019) will have the Asian premiere at Seoul Eco Film Festival in July 2020.

Located way above the polar circle, the Swedish mining town Kiruna was built on a great iron ore deposit, and created a significant income for the Swedish government. However, due to the mining the city has started to collapse and in order to save the industry, the city council together with the mining company LKAB have decided to move the town and its citizens 3 kilometers to the east.

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