Post production

Kiruna 2.0

The Swedish polar city of Kiruna is under the threat of sinking because of the iron ore mining, and it is going to be relocated three kilometers to the East. A new Kiruna is going to be built. The city council believes "that human equality is as deep and valuable as our ore. Our ambitions are higher than our mountains. Our industries make us a world leader. The large expanses provide space tor original and innovative."

Our characters are diverse, but they are connected not only by the place in which they live and which they claim as their own, but also they all study together in local high school. The relocation makes them to think about and question their values and their future. Smaller and bigger ordinary life dramas happen in the background of the city's transformation.

Do young citizens of Kiruna feel the same vibe as the city council? How will they fulfill the council's plan for the better and more progressive society?
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