East Silver at the 60th Krakow Film Festival

25. 5. 2020

Author: Veronika Zýková

Do not miss East Silver films at the 60th Krakow Film Festival (online, May 31 - June 7). Ten titles will be part of KFF Market. Kiruna - A Brand New World will also be a part of DOCS+SCIENCE programme section.

East Silver Caravan's Kiruna – A Brand New World by Greta Stocklassa was selected for Docs+Science programme section, while Anna Benner's and Eluned Zoe Aiano's All Her Dying Lovers (DE, CZ, 2020, 6') has European premiere (after the World premiere at HOT DOCS online) in the Animated Short Films competition. The film got IF/Then Tribecca Award at East Doc Platform 2018. There’s No Shooting in Kyiv by Jakub Šedý (CZ, 2019, 30') was selected for Documentary Short Films competition.

CEDOC Market 2020 has included in the selection several projects that were part of Ex Oriente Film and/or East Doc Platform:
No Place for You in Our Town (dir. Nikolay Stefanov, prod. Ralitsa Golemanova, BG
Boylesque (dir. Bogna Kowalczyk, prod. Tomasz Morawski, Katarzyna Kuczyńska, PL)
Elevation (dir. Max Rudenko, prod. Max Rudenko, Melinda Boros, UA, RO)
Lagoons. A Battle fro Paradise (dir. Serhii Lysenko, prod. Anna Kapustina, Oleksandra Kravchenko, UA)
The Taste of Celibacy (dir. Libuše Rudinská, prod. Libuše Rudinská, CZ)

Find more about all the projects. One of the projects will be granted an invitation by the Institute of Documentary Film to the East Doc Market at East Doc Platform 2021.

East Silver at KFF Market 2020:
Boundaries (dir. Yuliya Shatun, prod. Alexey Shatun, Yuliya Shatun, BY, 2019, 29')
A journey film through four cities, the present and the past. Minsk, Moscow and the cities of childhood shot by the director and her father 25 years ago are merged into one voice message to an unknown person.

Pripyat Piano (dir. Eliška Cílková, prod. Jindřich Andrš, CZ, 2020, 18')
What would we be able to see if we could hear better? The story of a tragedy told by sounds, music and lyrics featuringbandoned pianos standing in the Chernobyl Zone.
The winner of Silver Eye Award for the best short film

Kiruna: A Brand New World (dir. Greta Stocklassa, prod. Veronika Kührová, Michal Kráčmer, CZ, 2019, 87', 52')
Located way above the polar circle, the Swedish mining town Kiruna was built on a great iron ore deposit, and created a significant income for the Swedish government. However, due to the mining the city has started to collapse and in order to save the industry, the city council together with the mining company LKAB have decided to move the town and its citizens 3 kilometers to the east.

Wolves at the Borders (dir. Martin Páv, prod. Zuzana Kučerová, CZ, 2020, 75', 52')
Wolves are back! Having been exterminated in the Broumov region in the Czech Republic more than two hundred years ago, wolves have been slowly returning to the countryside and changing the lives of the locals. The documentary “Wolves at the Borders” looks at the contradictory reactions to their arrival...

A Year Full of Drama (dir. Marta Pulk, prod. Paul Piik, EE, 2019, 100')
Estonia is crazy about theatre. In October 2017 there's an announcement for a paid position to find someone who has never been to theatre before. The task – to watch and review every Estonian theatre production of 2018. From 450 job applicants 21-year-old small town girl Alissija is hired. 

Telenovela: Grey-Scale in Color (dir. Filip Martinovic, prod. Patricia Franquesa, Nikola Savicevic, RS, ES, 2020, 61')
It has been 26 years since Filip’s (30) family has emigrated from Serbia to Spain. Filip’s father passed away when Filip was 12 and was buried in Barcelona. Today Filip lives in Belgrade and is trying to find an answer to a simple question: Where is he from?

Salt from Bonneville (dir. Simon Mozgovyi, prod. Maksim Leschanka, Artem Koliubaiev, Taras Bosak, Anton Khilman, UA, GE, NL, 2020, 115', 2x52')
The story of this adventure drama is about Nazar and Max - two guys from Ukraine and an old soviet bike - and the ambitious goal they set themselves to beat the world speed record at Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA. This dry salt desert is the meeting point for hundreds of people from all over the world, who spend millions of dollars on their quest to become the next speed racing champion. 

Grief (dir. Andrea Culková, prod. Miroslav Novak, CZ, 2020, 92')
We have known about the problem of climate change for decades. We have organized panel discussions, published thousands of charts about temperature and all the hard facts about climate change and its disastrous effects. And did we change anything? No! But last year, various movements changed the climate game by sending out strong emotions.  And suddenly, things were set into motion...

Forbidden Tango (dir. & prod. Aleksandr M. Vinogradov, RU, BG, 2020, 92')
The film documents three years of a Russian gay couple Misha and Otar organizing events of the Queer Tango in St. Petersburg. They are giving tango classes and introducing an alternative way of dancing to the traditional tango community in Russia.

#sandrainuganda (dir. Filip Remunda, prod. Jiřina Budíková, Vít Klusák, Petr Kubica, Kateřina Kovářová, Ivona Remundová, Filip Remunda, CZ, 2019, 70')
A Czech NGO invited Sandra Kisić, a twenty-six-year old influencer of Bosnian origin, to come to Uganda. She was accompanied by a Dutch volunteer who already was on her umpteenth mission. Sandra, on the other hand, saw poverty and technological backwardness for the first time in reality, not just on her cell phone that she practically did not put down.

Watch the films at the Krakow Film Market.

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