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Vasyl is a ski jump coach from a children’s sports school. He lives and works in a small, village deep in the Carpathian Mountains. Three wives have left him, unable to understand his lifelong devotion to sports and his connection with nature. Several times a year Vasyl ventures into the mountains to spend time in solitude. He believes that unity with nature gives him the strength to psychologically prepare his trainees for competitions, to cope with fear and selfdoubt. At 70 years of age he is trying to grow a new sports star, Zhenya. Immersed with the daily routine of training, my documentary would look into the complex process of preparation for competitions, where falling, disappointing and overcoming oneself is a daily, stressful process on the path to success.
The coach and beginner ski jumper Zhenya meet over the abyss of a ski jump. Their relationship is calm and silent, like the relationship of man and the infinite nature around him. The camera probes the subtle moments of their work, joy and disappointment in order to understand the mystery of their mutual attraction. As Zhenya enjoys success Vasyl drops to the background and she comes under the tutelage of a new coach as she moves to the Olympic Training Center. She becomes more purposeful and professional as she competes internationally. How can she cope with the psychological pressure of competing in major events? How will Vasyl help her?
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