In production

Lagoons. A Battle for Paradise

Лимани. Битва за рай

Tuzly Lagoons National Nature Park is a unique natural complex on the Black Sea. It’s the Black Sea’s nursery for fish and dolphins, kingdom of birds, a land of rare plants and incredibly picturesque landscapes.
For many years, park protectors under the leadership of Ivan Rusev and Iryna Vykhrystiuk are fighting for the preservation of the Lagoons. This is a life between the two worlds: the world of beautiful nature and the world of intense, dangerous struggle. In this life there is everything: heavenly landscapes, wild animals, pelicans, the sea, and at the same time - night pursuits of poachers, courts with illegal developers, abduction and intimidation of activists.
In the film, we will see a year in the life of the Park - the lives of its animals, birds and fish, intertwined with the lives of the park team and other people.
Mullet fry will turn into adult fish and come back to give birth to their new offspring, small pelicans will be born, fly to Africa and reappear in the Park the next spring. Meanwhile, strange people in the courts will consider the cases related to mugil and pelicans; Ivan Rusev will hold a new high-profile protest near Odessa Regional State Administration and once again go to Kiev to defend his cause in front of the highest authorities; Irina Vyhristyuk will try to cancel tank exercises in the park; the team of environmentalists will excavate the channel for fish into the sea, that’s been blocked by fishermen, create an artificial island for birds and reinforce the coast to prevent the local church from falling into the sea; the volunteers will build a new border house to protect the park, and schoolchildren will ride the local ponies and plant trees in the steppe. The wheel of life will come full circle, revealing to us a contrasting world where people and animals are trying to find a way to live together in this beautiful land.
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