Projects supported by the IDF at Sunny Side of the Doc 2021

22. 6. 2021

Author: Veronika Zýková

Sunny Side of the Doc (online, June 21-24) is in full swing and we are happy to bring many of our activities to this wonderful marketplace. Also, a number of projects supported by the Institute of Documentary Film is part of the 2021 Pitch and the Europe's got talent initiative. Find all about the projects.


Frankenstein 2.0 - East Doc Platform 2021 - East Doc Forum
Produced by: Ego Media (Latvia)
Directed by: Dāvis Simānis
The author of the film goes undercover as a potential immortality client on an existential yet hysterical journey to uncover the business of eternal life in the world of today. Balancing between existential road movie and humorous science fiction, Frankenstein 2.0 will remind us of modern man's cravings not to give up this world for future generations, but to become its undying super-human.

Waitergate - East Doc Platform 2021 - East Doc Forum
Produced by: ZK Studio (Poland)
Directed by: Konrad Szolajski
Russia introduces a military doctrine that relies on ‘hybrid’ methods of warfare. Putin attacks Ukraine. Warsaw supports Kiyiv. Polish Government private talks are eavesdropped and several ministers compromised. A media scandal precedes elections – Polish nationalists take power and destroy the EU integrity. Is it a coup d'état that nobody notices? A beginning of Putin’s war with the West?

Swinging Fields - East Doc Platform 2021 - East Doc Forum
(One-to-one only)
Produced by: HAI Creative (United States), Soilsiú Films (Ireland), Sister Productions (France)
Directed by: Sareen Hairabedian
Swinging Fields follows “Vrej” an 11-year-old boy who was born as a result of a mass wedding in the de facto Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh ‘Artsakh’, as he journeys back from displacement into his war torn home. Born in a militarized society, Vrej has a responsibility to protect and prosper his homeland.


The Ultimate Joker - East Doc Platform 2021 - East Doc Market
Directed by: Krzysztof Dzieciolowski
Welcome to the world of a former communist government spokesman, the ultimate Polish Joker, and the man who always lands on his feet. Jerzy Urban, the master of propaganda and political spin at the peak of the Cold War, is back today on a mission to conquer the Internet, fight the Church, troll the right-wing populists in power, and leave this world on his own terms. 


72 Hours - East Doc Platform 2021 - East Doc Market (the winner of Czech TV Co-production Award)
Produced by: Playtime Films (Belgium)
Directed by: Anna Savchenko

Nord Express - Ex Oriente Film 2019, East Doc Platform 2020 - East Doc Forum
Produced by: Mistrus Media (Latvia)
Directed by: Karlis Lesins
For 30 years, there has been a dream to build a railway to connect the Baltic States to the rest of the Europe. Filmmaker Kārlis Lesiņš starts an investigation and goes on the road to find out why 5 years before the intended launch the construction of this 7 billion euro EU funded high-speed railway line Rail Baltica has barely started.

Lagoons. A Battle for Paradise - Ex Oriente Film 2020, East Doc Platform 2021 - East Doc Forum (the winner of EDP Award and Current Time TV Director’s Award)
Produced by: Albatros Communicos (Ukraine)
Directed by: Serhiy Lysenko
During one year, the wheel of wildlife at Tuzly Lagoons National Nature Park in Ukraine comes full circle, as people who want to live as a part of the Nature, fight those who only want to use it.

TALENT HUB sponsored by the Institute of Documentary Film

Fight - East Doc Platform 2021 - East Doc Market
Produced by: Motif Films (Armenia)
Directed by: Lilit Movsisyan
In a conservative Armenian family, 16-year old Karine dreams to become a veterinarian, but her family, especially her father, a well-known dog-fighter, is against her dream. Karine’s destiny is one amongst thousands. How can girls and women grab their freedom in countries that are deeply rooted on patriarchal values? 

Among the 2021 Grant recipients at Sunny Side of the Doc is a Romanian project MamaPan which was presented at the East Doc Platform 2021 - East Doc Forum.

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