In development

Nord Express

Nord Express is a story of two unique infrastructure objects that are going to change the current geographic and political maps, drawing previously non-existent demarcation lines through Europe. The construction of Rail Baltica and the Talsinki tunnel are not just the next step toward a closer integration of the European Union; it also serves as a symbol of a new world that is emerging ‒ one that is meant to protect our culture and identity from potential Russian threats. It is not a coincidence that these ambitious projects are integrated in the domestic policy of the Baltic States; they are institutionalised to shape the public opinion, guiding it in a certain direction, and to be protected from any economic, social or environmental influences. However, it is our children and grandchildren who will have to face the consequences of these projects. What is the actual price of our ‘security fortress’? We will be searching for the answer in this film, following the development of the projects, looking closer at the decision-making process, the people who promote or criticise these projects and those whose lives will be directly affected by them. The film will become a witness to a historic age in which the future of the region will change irreversibly.
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