75 min,

52 min

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Directing: Konrad Szolajski


A documentary thriller reveals ways of achieving political goals through illegal methods coordinated with media campaign aimed to destroy democracy in Poland, weakening the EU.
Polish Government ministers meetings in Warsaw restaurants were recorded illegally. The resulting scandal was nicknamed Waitersgate. The private conversations of Polish top politicians did not breach the law, but were frank, profane and revealing, their transcripts flooded Polish media and shook public opinion.
An official investigation of Polish intelligence never brought any tangible results. Only three waiters and their boss, venturesome businessman Marek Falenta were put on trial, found guilty of illegal recording and they were sentenced for minor crimes.
The scandal led to the resignation of senior officials, yet this did not save the moderate and pro-European ruling party. It lost power which was taken over by a far-right populist party and Poland starting distancing from the EU.
Recently journalists have cast a new light on the events which began the process of dismantling Polish democracy. Reporters explored the backstage of the defamation campaign which has destroyed Poland’s political stability.
Following journalistic investigation we will portray those events on the background of worldwide politics being influenced by Putin in this new way – with the usage of modern technology, a method of compromising politicians by eavesdropping and publishing transcripts of their private conversations and spreading fake news by trolls in order to affect election results in Western democracies.
The subject is viable not only for the Polish audience. It is important for viewers in all the countries which are threatened by the phenomenon of hostile, clandestine influence aimed at dismantling the integrity of the democratic world. Poland is a good example to be analysed – it seems that the country situated at the East-West crossing is meant to be the first target on the Kremlin’s list.


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24. 6. 2021

East Doc Market Award goes to No Mercy - The Female Gaze

At Sunny Side of the Doc 2021 the IDF has awarded two projects. East Doc Market Award went to No Mercy - The Female Gaze (dir. Isa Willinger) and Talent Hub Central & Eastern Europe prize to Cinema Under Siege (dir. Srđan Šarenac).
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22. 6. 2021

Projects supported by the IDF at Sunny Side of the Doc 2021

Sunny Side of the Doc (online, June 21-24) is in full swing and we are happy to see many projects supported by the Institute of Documentary Film being part of this wonderful marketplace.
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