In production

Wolves on the Borders!

Vlci na hranicích!

Wolves on the Borders takes the controversy around the reintroduction of wolves to the Czech country side to tell a broader tale of humankind’s ambivalent relationship towards nature. It has been more than two hundred years since the last wolf was killed in the Broumov region, where the story takes place. It is also the area with the largest concentration of sheep in the Czech Republic.
No sooner did the wolves arrive than the wolves than they began harming the herds. The public is divided – on one side there are farmers and inhabitants who feel threatened and want to get rid of the wolves again. On the other side are people who welcome them as natural predator necessary to restoring the balance of nature - a stance that would mean giving up a degree of control over the environment and transforming mindsets about human safety and property.
This film looks at the wolves as providing an opportunity to transform our society into one that is more open and tolerant. Will we step up to the possibilities, or lose them?
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