East Silver Caravan films in DOK Film Market & Videolibrary

16. 10. 2020

Author: Veronika Zýková

East Silver Caravan films are part of DOK Film Market & Videolibrary at DOK Leipzig (October 28 – November 3, 2020), including A New Shift by Jindřich Andrš, which will also have International Premiere at the festival. Find more about the titles and make sure to watch them. Also, check the projects supported by the IDF at DOK Industry!

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Communism and the Net or the End of Representative Democracy
Karel Vachek | 2019 | Czech Republic, Slovakia | 336´ 
A new, cheerful film essay by Karel Vachek is a collage composed of staged passages from literature, personal memories, and tableaux from world history.

Salt from Bonneville
Simon Mozgovyi | 2020-2021 | Ukraine, Georgia, Netherlands | 74´
Two friends try to break world speed record at Bonneville Salt Flats. Meanwhile, it turns out to be a real test of their friendship.

Latvian Coyote
Ivars Zviedris | 2020 | Latvia | 69´
An absurd game of “finding happiness” is being played by local Latvian coyotes* and illegal immigrants on the Russian and the European Union border.

How I Became a Partisan
Vera Lacková | 2020 | Czech Republic, Slovakia | 75´
A film resistance against oblivion - Romani director Vera Lacková uncovers fates of five Roma partisans from World War II - one of them is her great-grandfather.

A Loss of Something Ever Felt 
Carlos Eduardo Lesmes López | 2020 | Estonia, Colombia, Sweden | 82´
The three of us have created our own chain of addiction: You addicted to drugs, mom addicted to your approval and I to mom’s”, writes Eeva to the ghost of the brother she once knew, as she searches for him in Bogotá.

Andrea Culková | 2020 | Czech Republic | 92´
Grief deals with climate change – not through statistics and degrees Celsius, but through emotions. Andrea Culková shows how environmental crisis-induced anxiety produces new rebels.

Wolves at the Borders
Martin Páv | 2020 | Czech Republic | 79´
Wolves are back: a blessing or a curse? They have returned. They steal and kill. They bring fear to some and hope to others. They divide our society. Wolves are back!

Town of Glory
Dmitry Bogolubov | 2019 | Russia, Czech Republic | 88´
With few exceptions, Yelnyans raise their children to become good patriots. They don’t mind the eerie, all-encompassing militarization of society.

White Cube
Wojciech Pustoła | 2019 | Poland | 68´
Carrara is an Italian town famous for white marble extraction. It is a uniquely preserved world. Contemporary engineering has the shaken foundations of this town. Gradually, human touch is being lost.

A New Shift
Jindřich Andrš | 2020 | Czech Republic | 91´
A New Shift is a story of a coal miner, who chose to break out of the depths and become a computer programmer. He changed his life, his job, but little did he know know how much he would have to change himself.

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