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A Loss of Something Ever Felt

Lauri, who has been missing for 6 months without a trace, has lived a life of petty crime and excess, going in and out from prison for his whole adult life. But he has never lost contact with his Mother, not even when he was in prison in Venezuela for drug trafficking.

Eeva, his sister, has always been the one sent out to look for him. She doesn’t want to, because he means trouble, his addiction is a burden to everybody. But she has no choice because she knows that Mother will wait for that one phonecall forever. She travels to Bogota, a city of over 8 million people, where over 14000 live in the streets. Looking for Lauri, she has to live in the world of addicts and homeless people, a world of violence and darkness. The only clues Eeva has about Lauri are rumors and whispers, which slowly reach a level of absurdity as he always seems to be around the corner. The ambivalence of the streets and Mother anxiously waiting in the other end of the line makes Eeva question her motivation for the search and she is almost ready to give up. But then she meets some people who really knew Lauri. After a long journey she finds her brother. He died in December 2016.

In her quest to find Lauri Eeva finds more that a dead body, she meets her brother. She manages to rediscover and reconnect with the love they once shared and because of that she is able to open the door for her and her Mother to finally let him go.
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