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How I Became a Partisan

Ako som sa stala partizánkou

How I Became a Partisan searches both for personal and ethnical Romani identity through the history of second world war.

Through the history of her own family Vera Lacková discovers five moving stories of Romani partisans. Conducting interviews with descendants and witnesses or searching in the archives help the author to shake the traditional perception of Romanis as mere victims of the Nazi era. She brings forward those Romanis, whose actions contributed not only to the history of their ethnical group, but became part of the wider context of European history. Throughout her research Vera faces deeply rooted prejudices, indifference and hatred vis-à-vis Romanis. In an effort to symbolically redress past injustices towards both her family and the larger ethnical group, she tries to build a monument in the area, where her great-grandfather’s family was killed.
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