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“Boylesque” is a portrait-like movie about Lula, 87 years old man who used to organize underground parties in Communist Poland. Today Lula haven't aged a bit in his mind but everyday he struggles with the way he is perceived. Generally in Poland, men should be strong, tuff and bitter– but not Lula - he is delicate, fragile, warm and friendly.

Boylesque is about moments when Lula comes out of his comfort zone. Young performer, Maciek decides to turn Lula’s stories into a professional performance on stage. He wants Lula to talk about his life while young professional performers will illustrate it. There are stories about smuggling the gold in a suitcase, about ripping off the curtains for dresses etc. All of them remind Communist time, but in the sentimental way.

Maciek is 24 years old intelligent anthropologist who represents generation in which elderly is not topic interesting enough to talk about. Maciek realise that it doesn’t have to be true and what is more Lula’s stories and experience can bring him fame in a polish burlesque world.

We want to observe Lula and Maciek working together. Lula never performed on stage. However his dream is to perform in Black Horse Cabaret, to be admired and appreciated. Probably after the show he will come back to the lonely, everyday life.

That’s the story we want to tell, about dreams, hopes, small moments to appreciate and hard reality to step back-on after each one of them.Lula is a symbol of fragility, bravery and need of adventure. With intergenerational clash with Maciek we will be able to capture a multidimensional story about the search for acceptance. After all, it doesn’t matter how old are we, we still need people to appreciate us. Just like Boylesque itself we would like to use aesthetics and humour to talk about something much deeper. Hopefully, Boylesque is going to be a movie about support, loneliness, accpetance and… glitter.
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