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Lula is an 80 year old who used to organize underground parties in communist Poland. Possibly, his vitality, energy and eagerness to seek connection saved him from what his long-term lover couldn't be saved. ‘There are two categories of people. Ones who want to live and ones who give up the willingness to keep on going. – The tragic death of his long-term love leaves Lula broken, willing to step back and disappear, but he knows that if he doesn’t keep going, he will get lost in the same fear that overwhelmed his partner.

Years ago, he found his love in the underground, in rough times for gay people. Although it seems like those times have past, unfortunately for Lula, he is beyond another margin nowadays - he is old. Finding intimacy once again will require Lula to challenge the way he is perceived and the way he perceives himself.

Lula will take a shot at being young again. Together with Damian (30), whom he meets at a club, Lula will hope for more than friendship. He will join Damian and his 30-year-old friends on a trip to the Berlin Pride parade. Although Damian is trying his best to make Lula feel comfortable, cultural differences between generations and the aging body are hard to miss. After leaving earlier than planned, Lula will run seeking retreat to his old female friend, Irene (75). Quite life in the village quickly bores him. He is not suited for that kind of life as well.
Lula is a different person in each chapter and at some point we realize that he doesn’t really fit to anywhere. Being full of passion, he is nothing like a typical companion for an old friend. Parallelly he is still and old man whose body cannot catch up with the rhythm of youth. Being trapped in a body that is too old Lula is trying to find people who can identify and understand him. Along with the movie he understands that his uniqueness is a strength as much as it is a curse.

Let us invite you to Boylesque - the world of love, strength, fragility and... glitter.
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