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15. 10. 2017

Author: Mark Pickering, Anna Kaslová

Here is a selection of our exciting new documentary projects coming to you… 

Who’s directing?
Andrea Culková 
What’s it about? In the heart of Europe, in a small Czech town called Kladruby, lies a pool – an overflow chamber and incubator – where those who have undergone surgery or severe injury rehabilitate themselves. As they heal in the soothing waters, they reflect, having to reconcile themselves with a life that they can no longer live to the full.
Who is the producer? Miroslav Novák – Duracfilm
Who’s the co-producer? Tereza Polachová – HBO Europe
When will it be finished? September 2018

Who’s directing?
Artemio Benki 
What’s it about? The heart-wrenching story of a young and gifted Argentinian pianist. His breakdown and subsequent stint in a Latin American asylum forces him to overcome his demons and reinvent himself as a composer – a fragile yet determined musician who forces music to triumph over his inner monsters.
Who is the producer? Artemio Benki, Petra Oplatková - Artcam
Who’s the co-producer? Arash T. Riahi – Golden Girls Filmproduktion & Filmservices GmbH (AT), Rebecca Houzel – Petit á Petit Production (FR), Sergio L. Pra – Lomo Cine (AR)
When will it be finished? May 2018

Who’s directing?
Tomáš Kratchovíl  
What’s it about? The award-winning director of Czechs Against Czechs (2015) revisits the topic of the Romany community, this time delving into English territory and investigating how the looming threat of Brexit will shape the lives of those Roma refugees that are desperately fighting for a place to call home.
Who is the producer? Radim Procházka – Produkce Radim Procházka
When will it be finished? 2018/2019

Who’s directing?
Greta Stocklassa
What’s it about? Czech-Swedish filmmaker documents the relocation of a small Swedish mining city, forced to move 3km because of a threat its current location will sink. What will the new Kiruna hold for the people? Politicians, long-stationed families and asylum-seeking teens express their hopes and fears for an uncertain future.
Who is the producer? Veronika Kūhrová, Michal Kráčmer – Analog Vision
Who’s the co-producer? Ondřej Šejnoha – Studio FAMU, André Larsson - Bautafilm AB (SE)
When will it be finished? November 2018

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