KineDok presents a new collection of films

29. 6. 2021

Author: Veronika Zýková

KineDok has a new collection of documentaries ready to be screened at great venues! Some of the titles from the previous collection are available on KineDok VOD platform. A brand new films can be found in the Films Selection section on KineDok website.

The All-Sokol gathering, the hardships of homeschooling, the study of abandoned Pripyat spaces, the unknown history of women born in the Soviet Union or the relocation of an entire town for mining are just a small sample of the diverse topics covered in the documents. Ivana Formanová, KineDok's manager, comments on this year's selection. It is important for us to bring the audience the top documentary filmmakers from the respective countries and to spark discussion about the content of films that often resonates across nations. The topics this year are very diverse, ranging from urbanism and the search for self-identity to homeschooling and contemporary propaganda practices in Russia."

Films from the current collection can be seen at screenings hosted by KineDok in non-traditional venues such as galleries, cafes, boats and the Scout Institute. The screenings are also enriched with an accompanying programme - discussions with filmmakers and other interesting guests or concerts. All scheduled screenings can be found in the programme section.

Acasa, My Home
Režie: Radu Ciorniciuc
Year: 2020
Countries: Romania, Germany, Finland

With an empathetic and cinematic eye, filmmaker Radu Ciorniciuc offers viewers, in his feature debut, a compelling tale of an impoverished family living on the fringes of society in Romania, fighting for acceptance and their own version of freedom.

Women's Day
Dir. Dolya Gavanski
Year: 2018
Countries: United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Bulgaria

Astounding stories by women born in the USSR - pioneers and survivors - whose testimony reveals their experience from the 1917 Revolution to the present day. Intimate, surprising, funny, painful and contradictory - Women’s Day explores the lives of women living through a convulsive era of historical and social change - the unknown history of women in Russia.

Push - Pull
Dir. Neven Hitrec
Year: 2020
Country: Hungary

A children's desk as a stage for a comical family drama. The learning process seems more like a modern version of the inquisition, full of yelling, shouting, open threats, velvety promises, bribery on the form of presents or video games, theatrics, memorable speeches, emotional reconciliations and impressively walking out of the stage. Each grade is a question of life or death. Who will be the first to give in, and who will snap – the loving parents or their selfish child? 

Dir. Artemio Benki
Year: 2019
Countries: Czechia, France, Argentina, Austria

Martín Perino is a young Argentinian piano virtuoso and composer, who has been since his breakdown four years ago a patient of El Borda, the largest and the most notable but also controversial psychiatric hospital in Latin America.

Dir. Erik Praus
Year: 2019
Country: Slovakia

Life of a modern man is influenced by daily time that absorbs him. Man doesn’t need to be religious to hear its inner call. Film The Calling is a reflection to human tranformation of an individual that has decided to follow God.

Easy Lessons
Dir. Dorottya Zurbó
Year: 2019
Country: Hungary

Easy Lessons is a poetic journey of a beautiful, young girl, Kafia who on the brink of adulthood breaks up with everything she grew up with in Somalia. Cultural values, taboos and dogmas fall apart in the most casual situations while trying to adapt to a new life in Europe, Hungary. Her Mum helped her escape her fate but how can she explain the changes she lives through to her most loved one? She wants to do it for a sense of duty or a desire of resurrection, but how... This inner struggle becomes the film itself and maybe the only form of confession.

Kiruna – A Brand New World
Dir. Greta Stocklassa
Year: 2019
Country: Czechia

Apocalyptic depiction of an area literally engulfed by the mining industry is presented in this documentary that observes the eponymous northern Swedish city, part of which was abandoned due to activities in the nearby iron mine.

Never Happened
Dir. Barbora Berezňáková
Year: 2019
Country: Slovakia, Czechia

The story which "never happened" takes us into the unresolved case of a political murder, a psychological journey of three young friends who got involved in the high political power game of the 90s, resulting in the portrait of their present life situation, as well as the situation of the country.

Dir. Nebojša Slijepčević
Year: 2018
Country: Croatia

In the winter of 1991, a 12-year-old Serbian girl was murdered in Zagreb. A quarter of a century later, director Oliver Frljić is working on a theatre play about the case.
Rehearsals become a collective psychotherapy, and the 12-year-old actress Nina feels as if the war had never ended.

Dir. Alex Brendea
Year: 2019
Country: Romania

A peculiar math teacher from Transilvania is becoming a local Don Quijote when he quits the conventional educational system and opens a private lectures office in his own two-room apartment. Throughout a school year we follow his struggle and persistence in bringing back the passion of learning and change for better the lives of his pupils.

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