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Never Happened

Skutok sa nestal

After the Velvet Revolution of 1989, East European countries were coming to terms with their newly acquired freedom. Slovakia was ruled by charismatic and autocratic Prime Minister Vladimír Mečiar. In 1995, the president’s son, Michal Kováč Junior, was abducted; it soon became clear that the abduction was probably ordered by the highest government circles. Oskar Fegyveres, who worked for the Slovak Information Service back then and who participated in the abduction by order of his superiors, testified to the police about the role of the secret service in the case. Since he did not feel safe, he fled abroad. He communicated with his family through his friend Robo Remiáš. Less than a year after the abduction, Robo died under unclear circumstances in a car explosion. The investigation was short, the police made serious mistakes. Newspaper articles branded Robo as a drug mafia member, however, unclarified details emerged in the case.

Director Barbora Berezňáková daily passes the cross inconspicuously commemorating Robo Remiáš in a bend of a busy road. She is searching for people connected to the case and discovers parallels with the present as well as the consequences of the 1990s. Barbora finds Oskar who was in hiding until recently as he feared for his life.

Barbora grew up in the 1990s, at a time of enthusiasm over the newly acquired freedom. In her film, she observes how the case of 20 years ago still impacts (her) present.
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