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Never Happened

Skutok sa nestal

1996, Bratislava. Former policeman Robo explodes and dies in his car under strange circumstances. The investigation is very brief and superficial, state media report that he was a member of drug-mafia, but there are many unclarified details.
Today, the director of the movie Barbora becomes interested in the case, starts the research and finds the people who are connected to the crime. Suddently, so many things from Barbora’s life fall into the place. The case is the key how to understand present times she lives in. Barbora finds Oskar, Robo’s best friend. Oskar was hiding abroad to save his life, as he witnessed a federal crime – an abduction of the president’s son Michal Kovac jr. to Austria. There are some clues that abduction was commited by the first “democratic” Prime Minister Vladimír Mečiar.
In 1995, Oskar was a young employee of Slovak Intelligence Service (SIS). Oskar files the testimony about abduction to the investigator of the case Peter Vačok and leaves the country because it is not safe for him. The clues of the investigation really go the the highest political circles. Robo helps Oskar to hide and also organises secret meetings with journalists from media not controlled by government. As a result, Robo’s car explodes in the streets of Bratislava. Mečiar stops all the investigation of the case with amnesty. This amnesty is being prolonged till now by today’s government.
Barbora was growing up in the 90ties, a time of huge changes in post-socialist countries. There was a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of expectations of the democracy and freedom. But noone really knew how should such a change happen. Today, whole generation who experienced the change of regimes after 1989 lost the ideals of what should have been done, lives in a big desilusion which determines the rising extremism in the post-soviet countries. Barbora reflects on what really did or did not happen, bring this historic and social period into context enabeling to move forward.
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