The Documentary About Women and Graffiti is Coming to Czech Cinemas

16. 2. 2016

Author: Filip Ĺ ebek

Long seven years were spent with the documentary Girl Power in which the director Sany shows the emancipation of women in the world of graffiti. On February 27, 2016, there will be a ceremonial premiere of a very personal piece the core of which is made of a strong story of the director and Czech writer Sany.

The documentary has been supported by Institute of Documentary Film since 2010. It introduces writers from 15 world cities, namely Moscow, Cape Town, Sydney, Biel, Madrid, Berlin, Toulouse, Barcelona, New York, and of course Prague. “The community of graffiti consists largely of men, and among them there is a widespread opinion that graffiti – the illegal one especially – is nothing for women. In spite of this, women have recently got more emancipated in graffiti; new female graffiti exhibitions, magazines and websites appear. My documentary depicts stories of women that stacked up against the prevailingly masculine world of graffiti,” Sany the director says about the movie – she is also the main character.

She was shooting the documentary for seven years. We can watch her life with graffiti, her motivation and life values which change with years flowing. We also meet her original family that has no idea about her second life. As it is obvious from the film, the director sacrifies a lot to it but even though she uses all her strength up, she rejects to give up her dream of shooting the very first documentary about women creating graffiti. More about the movie on its website:

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