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Abandoned Space

Abandoned Space

Smrt představuje cosi, na co je moderní společnost alergická – to, co se nedá kontrolovat, nad čím nemůžeme racionálně zvítězit. To, co je větší než my, co staví náš veškerý um, naše vědomosti a schopnosti mimo provoz.…
The Abandoned Town

The Abandoned Town

A film about the life of the Italian minority in Croatia (and former Yugoslavia) told through the story of Piemonte (Zavrsje), an almost completely abandoned and ruined town in Istria. Gigi was among the rare ones who…


When the small Serbian town of Sjeverin, on the border of Bosnia, wake up on the morning of 22th October 1992, there were no sings indicating that this would be the day when the first war crimes of the ongoing Balkan…


Western standard of living, civilization, and the urge to exclude others from it are the core of Geyrhalter's latest cinematic documentary essay. Entirely shot at night, Geyrhalter takes us on a very personal journey…


For whom is harder, for the ones who want to leave us or for the ones who stay?
A Bizarre World

A Bizarre World

The Carpathian mountains are criss-crossed by hundreds of streams making their way down into the valleys. Vlčí potok, the Wolf Brook, is one of them. As it descends, it creates dozens of small pools. Although they seem…
A Blessing or A Curse

A Blessing or A Curse

He interviewed friends and family members of the deceased: his mother, his sister, and his widow, the Hollywood star Courtney Love. However, after 8 years of research the author found the answers back in Russia, in the…
Able to Love

Able to Love

Documentary about the relationships, sexuality and individuality captures four people with learning disabilities - two women and two men - in search for answers concerning their relationships, intimacy and sexuality.…
A Blond Province

A Blond Province

The deportation of Polish citizens from the Polish western regions which had been overrun by the Germans in 1939 started directly after the end of the acts of war. Hundreds of thousands of citizens from Polish towns and…
A Boat

A Boat

Playful portrait of a group of men trying to build an impossible object.
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